Technical stuff to do

fix stylesheet problem

On the front page, the left hand bar overlaps the main content. This is because the div#mainandright styles "margin: 0 0 0 185px; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0;" and the div#maincell style "left: -15px;" combine to leave the content at 170px. However, the width of the div#leftbar is not an absolute absolute width - it's controlled by the style "width: 12%;" and a couple of margin/padding settings I can't be bothered tracking down

So on 1024x768 monitor, it looks great. But on my 1440x900 monitor, the width of the side box is 181px, and it overlaps the content by a wee bit. It's yucky having some of your webpage using absolute values, and some using percentages, because on unusual monitor sizes you'll end up with yucky issues like this.

Also try zooming in with Firefox. Once you zoom in past a certain point, all the menus start to overlap. And while the text size needed to make stuff overlap is quite large, and looks silly to those with good eye sights, people with bad vision will use this much zoom and have trouble with the website because of it.

make pseudonyms available again

Indys 'new' policy on automating log-in identifications scores a big fat zero.

Practically every contribution on indy appears to be from an un-logged-in source. So, now instead of people being asked to identify themselves in some way and giving continuity to the discussions (even with if it is with a psuedonym) we get extended discussions between numerous "anonymous" contributors.

anonymous / anonymous / anonymous / anonymous etc...

This is ridiculous people, lets go back to the old system, where you are expressly asked for an id for each contribution, whether or not you are logged in. Ths at least prompted writers to think about ownership of their contributions, and assits the reader in keeping up with who has what point of view.


integrate better with non-indymedia sites, e.g. blogrolls of Scoop, Whoar, individuals.

find another CMS for the website

Drupal? Plone? see


  • after new site is installed, put old site into archive mode. already points to the old site.
  • perhaps improve database conversion scripts dada 0.99.3 -> Drupal 5.x, so archive site is unneeded?


  • stylesheet. Torrance waiting for better theme (Google Summer of Code)
  • Captcha: solved.
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