recently solved issues

re-enable statistics

it would be nice to see some statistices about the website's usage. the old setup is not working for a long time now.

SOLVED: go to (looks a bit fishy, though).

solve DB problems

for 1 week or 2, we have a recurrent problem of database corruption. we did not change any code that touches database stuff (actually none at all until today). we see error messages like:

file not found: articles.MYI

or when running mysqlcheck:

nzdada.articles warning : Table is marked as crashed error : Key in wrong position at page 339968 error : Corrupt

or just now:

Unknown ID Error

Database failed to return a unique record for this query, or you are not authorized to access that record.

a simple SQL command 'repair table ' or 'mysqlcheck --auto-repair' seems to fix it, but only temporarily. i installed a cron script today which runs mysqlcheck every 5 minutes.

i am crawling the internet at the moment for possible answers, but perhaps any one of you has an idea?

SOLVED: dumped database while consistent, then removed and recreated it by using dump.

ancient stuff

  • date: completed sometime before 20th March 2004

Add .../promo page

  • suggestion: We need a page on the site (or in here) from which people can download good logos etc. Please put copies of whatever you have into AimPromo
  • date: completed sometime before 20th March 2004
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