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Aotearoa IMC Wishlist

(do not make these changes unless approved by the list, in which case they should be in either AimTechToDo or AimcSiteTodo ) RovinNZ

Things to CREATE

Things to CREATE (more than 12 months old)

Add Feature Announcement List

This is hard to explain so I'll do it in here: FeatureList

Add a form letter for hidden articles

This is a follow up to discussion on the editorial and main lists. EdPolLetter

Things to CHANGE

Things to CHANGE (more than 12 months old)

Change the .../htmltutorial.php3 page

RovinNZ wants to re-write this to include a table of tags like at the TWikiShorthand page. Easy html task - I'll just do it when I have time. Anyhting strange I need to know about finn? HTML for Indy tutorial 1.0 I'll work on it and test it at HtmlTutorial11

finn: I specifically left out lots of tags because the site formatting is too easy to trash. Even putting in images manually is pretty dangerous. It's also good to keep some kind of cohesion to the site's look, so telling people how to create 20 types of multicoloured text is a bad thing.

It's also preferable to upload images, multimedia etc via the form, so that way they are archived as images and not text files.

I put some links at the bottom for people who are interested in learning more about html. Those could be built on - they were just of the top of my head.

rovin Sure, i'm not planning to give a full-on list. just a few tables with "this is what you type= vs "this is what the browser shows" - just easier for beginners.[ RovinNZ 11 Oct 2002 ]

Updating 'About Indymedia' page

suggestion: Finish, approve, translate to maori and add the [a href="">'about' page to the main page.

Updating 'Open Publishing' text

suggestion: tidy up the OpenPublish text and fix the publish link -- StrypeY - 03 Dec 2005

Hidden Files area

suggestion: link this under 'open-publishing' at the top of the newswire and add a short text at the top of the hidden files page explaining what it's for and linking to the ed policy -- StrypeY - 03 Dec 2005

Change the .../publish page

  • put the media upload fields first, then article text box, then the qualifiers (topic etc), then the contact info etc -- StrypeY - 04 Dec 2005
  • User-friendly wording changes suggsted by RovinNZ: AimPublishPage11 (version 1.1)

Move ../contact.php3 into wiki

The page constantly needs updating and needs to be easier to update. At present only admins can do this, it should be the responsibility of each local to do this. I have setup a new set of pages from here: ConTacts
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