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Sf Active Captcha


  • You'll need pear and the Captcha module for it (and all of it's dependencies)

      # pear install channel://
      # pear install channel://

  • You'll have to add the path to pear to your include path


  • Make sure you have some ttf fonts (Arial or so) installed in a good way.

Extra directories

  • Create website/images/captcha
  • chmod 775 website/images/captcha
  • chown www.yoursitegroup website/images/captcha

Extra/Changed Files in sitename

  • The template ones are new. so you can use both captcha & non captcha sites.

  • the php files contain 'session_start();' directly after <? & the page called is 'publishcap' instead of publish and so on.

New files in shared/classes/pages/

Additional Tweaks.

  • in the .inc files you'll have to do:
    • change the require_once of the captcha file to something valid
    • change the lines pointing to the font-dir & path to something valid


  • because the captcha files are not deleted automatically, you might want to create a cronscript that simply does a find /sitename/website/images/captcha/ -type f -ctime 7 -exec rm {} \; Eventually you want to ionice that! (-ctime 7 deletes files older than a week, quite conservative but will keep the directory from getting ridiculous)
  • when you use squid to mirror content, be aware to not mirror the captcha! Maybe you want to edit the files in share/classes/pages (,, that define the directory where the captcha should be stored. (/captcha/ is a better idea although squid doesn't cause problems for the captcha for me)
  • I prefer to use reCAPTCHA, it is actually easier to set up than this, and works better. (includes an audio captcha for accessability) See -- MattToups - 23 Feb 2008
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