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The next version of sf-active will have some major new features, as well as a completely revamped architecture. This page is to keep you updated on progress on the major overhaul. See also bug and feature trackers on

Major architectural upgrades

Section Percent Complete Notes
Smarty template conversion 80% All-pages partially converted - some smaller things not yet converted
New Webcast tables 80% New classes created, only the publish form + edit page works though, no newsire, caching, etc
New admin interface (ActiveSfAdminRedesign) 75% new layout was checked in, some new modules added, some things still need to be tweaked
"Producer" / Static sites 60% some parts work. most don't
SF "newsroom" (page-based editing 80% Code is there, just need to integrate with producer?
"Automirroring" 75% it works for uploads allready a long time

Details for Producer

Section Pct Complete Notes
Features 100% Might want to think about how multi-language stuff works more though -- current/archived becomes more dodgy a distinction
"includes" 100% These work but most should be replaced with the Newsroom code
Static pages 100% Ditto
Articles 90% Not yet done
Newswire 0%  
Gallery 99%
Minical 80%?
Feature Photo ?

Details for webcast table split upgrade

  • Most of this is now done, but integration with the producer is still lacking

Producer Status

Admin interface status

  • Added new CSS + better ordered admin layout
  • Added new dictionary /translation editing interface
  • Started integrating new tab-based metaphor, simplifying markup for admin header pages.

Core functionality (what we need to be sure works)

  • Articles
    • publish with media
    • Article admin -- edit, change status
    • Newswire generation
    • Article search
  • Comments
    • attach to correct article
    • rich text + media
    • latest comments page -- updated when article status changes
    • search comments
    • admin, edit, hide comments --> update article page
  • Newswires
    • Update on article status change
  • Media mirroring
    • From article publish
    • From admin interface
  • Features
    • Add feature
    • edit feature
    • Preview
    • Publish (to all languages)
    • Hide/archive feature
    • Feature archive page
  • Calendar
    • Publish events -- get valid confirmation #
    • Edit events from admin
    • Edit events w/ confirmation number
    • Update minical
    • Rotate minical via cron
  • Feature Photo
    • Add photo
    • Edit photo
    • Archive/hide photo
    • publish photo
    • image rotation via cron

TODO list for 0.9.8

  • Add here the items we still need to do before we can release 0.9.8

  • Articles
    • Make newswires and RSS working
    • RSS for video/audio/images
    • Make numcomment work
    • Make conversion script for old to new webcast tables working
    • Fix search, make search work with comments
    • make sure all article admin tasks work

  • Features

  • Pages
    • Make all pages produce nicely with correct lay-out
    • check if all pages link to correct location

  • Admin
    • Complete admin lay-out changes

  • Documentation
    • complete sf-active-doc project

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