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How can users publish their articles in the local and/or global newswires? \xBFC\xF3mo pueden los usuarios publicar sus art\xEDculos en los newswires locales y/o globales?

  • They cannot. On sf-active sites that have local and global newswires all new articles are published on the Other/Breaking newswire. They will stay there until one of the editors 'promotes' them to the local or global newswire.
  • No pueden. En los sitios sf-active que tienen newswires locales y globales todos los nuevos art\xEDculos se publican en el newswire de Other/Breaking. Permanecer\xE1n all\xED hasta que uno de los redactores los promueve al newswire local o global._

We only have one newswire. How do we activate the local and global newswires? Solo tenemos un newswire. \xBFC\xF3mo activamos los newswires local y global?

  • Go to the list of categories in admin. Edit your category & put 'newswire type' to 'entire newswire'. Then you can start promoting articles to local and global.

How do we change the number of headlines in the right column on our front page? \xBFC\xF3mo cambiamos el n\xFAmero de titulares de la columna derecha en nuestra p\xE1gina principal?

  • Go the the list of categories in admin. Edit your category and set 'summary length' to the number of articles you want in your newswire.

The admin of the categories says I should click 'administer stories' but there's no such link for this category El administrador de las categor\xEDas dijo que deb\xEDa hacer lick en "administrar historias" pero no existe un link para esta categor\xEDa

  • Go to the list of categories in admin. Edit your category and set 'Center column type' to 'Standard center column'. In the list od categories you will now see a link 'List of blurbs for this feature'. That will bring you to the list of stories for that particular category.

Languages * Idiomas

How do we set up bilingual/trilingual sites? \xBFC\xF3mo configuramos sitios biling\xFCes o triling\xFCes?

I would like to set up an sf-active site in Sanskrit. How do I add a translation? Me gustar\xEDa instalar un sitio sf-active en Sanskrit. \xBFC\xF3mo lo hago?


How can we have our features syndicated on the global indymedia site? \xBFComo podemos sindicar nuestros destaques en el sitio global de indymedia?

  • Any indymedia site can be included in the syndication of features on the global indymedia site. This is not an sf-active issue though. You should enter the rss feed of your features in your IMC's record of the http://contact.indymedia.org/ contact database .

Comments Comentarios

How do we show articles with the full text of the comments instead of the list of links in the comment box at the bottom of articles? \xBFComo mostramos los articulos con todos los comentarios en vez de una lista de ellos con links al final del art\xEDculo?

  • This is an option in the config, you have to edit the file sf-active.cfg
  • Esto es una opci\xF3n en la configuraci\xF3n, debes editar el archivo sf-active.cfg.

Cities list

We want to transfer the cities list from the footer to the left column. How should we do that? Queremos mover la lista de ciudades desde el pie de p\xE1gina a la columna izquierda \xBFC\xF3mo lo hacemos?

How do we refresh the cities list? \xBFComo actualizamos la lista de ciudades?

Can we switch to the Spanish version of the cities list? \xBFPodemos cambiar a la version en Castellano de la lista de ciudades?

Installation Instalaci\xF3n

We're hooked on sf-active. How can we set up 2 or more sf-active sites on the same box? \xBFC\xF3mo podemos instalar 2 o m\xE1s sitios sf-active en un mismo servidor?
  • Answer / Respuesta: Aca tienen un tutorial paso a paso sobre como instalar sf-active en un servidor para multiples sitios. Here you have a tutorial about how to install sf-active in a server for multiple sites. http://sfactive.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/64.php
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