How to easily upgrade sites


  • Get the site down. this is important otherwise you're fucked with dbase patches
  • get a cvs copy of both old version and new version. (or from a tarball).

Updating scripts

  • update scrips/ folder. usually cp'ing the new script files should do the trick. or cp the whole folder. if files differ check if they're modified.

Updating website.

  • Check which files are changed.

diff -r --brief --exclude=CVS /path/to/old/version/website/dir /path/to/newversion/website/dir

diff -r --brief --exclude=CVS /home/maritimes2/website/ /home/maritimes2/sitename/ | more

  • copy over the files that are changed. don't forget to copy over new files.

Updating local

diff -r --brief --exclude=CVS /home/maritimes/local/ /home/maritimes2/local/ | more

  • There are 3 dirs: include/ config/ templates that need to be checked.
  • Sfactive.cfg
    • This is a hard one. i usually do diff them and go about line by line.

diff -cbw current_file new_file | more 

  • templates
    • compare what got changed between oldversion and newversion with what differs from oldversion with current files:
diff -r --brief --exclude=CVS /path/to/old/version/templates/dir /path/to/newversion/templates/dir
diff -r --brief --exclude=CVS /path/to/old/version/templates/dir /path/to/current/templates
    • copy over new files. for modified files you'll have to diff -cbw them one by one and merge them. if people modified their own templates they'll for sure are able to merge them in admin themselves usually.

  • includes
    • see like templates.

(mat)Example: diff -r --brief --exclude=CVS /home/maritimes2/local/ /home/maritimes/local/ | more

Patching the dbase

  • see what database patches there are for your release (they're in sf-active/install/)
  • apply them one by one in the order they should be applied (usually this doesn't matter).


  • if you copy over existing files, permissions should stay.
  • for new files, usually we do this:
    • files: 664 | directories: 775
    • owner: yoursite:yoursite
    • webwritable files : www:yoursite so apache can write to them and groups can write to them in shell
  • to update large dirs (like uploads/), use find (you might get errors with chmod -R)
find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;

Bring site up

  • Change the eventual include path in httpd.conf
  • make sure sfactive.cfg points to new shared/dir
  • make sure your site is included in the correct global.cfg file

Post upgrade

  • You might have to regenerate articles. do 300 most recent ones first, then start from zero
  • if you go to 0.9.4: add a default language in the admin (otherwise publish and alikes are broken)
  • Go to the fridge/cellar and serve yourself quality belgian beer smile

-- PseudoPunk - 17 May 2006
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