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  • Basically active-xmlrpc is an implementation of "active" as a set of independent software components, conforming to a set of API's, with all of the components accessible via XML-RPC interface, and located using a component registry.

  • The front-end can then use the components to gather information and render it. There is a patch for mainstream active to enable it to use active-xmlrpc as a back-end in part of the features.

  • Front-end written using Zope, which is in a much more advantage stage.

  • database definitions are quite portable, no use of MySQL?/Postgres specific extensions. the definitions are different, but work the same on both MySQL? and Postgres.

  • No ratings system yet

  • Static HTML content is not generated. instead, the existence of httpd-accel (like squid) with ignore-reload option is assumed. long Expires are used, and explicit purging is done using the PURGE method

  • One of the ideas of Active-xmlrpc was to "choose the right tool for the right job". Currently there are components written in Java, and components written in python

  • Active-xmlrpc handles file uploads in a non-orthodox way. uploads are not done when publishing. instead, they are uploaded via a small HTTP/FTP server written in python, before or after the publish

  • Mirroring itself is done by a "mirrorHandler" component(multiple mirrorHandlers can exist, each dealing with different mirror).

  • The user has ability to trace the file mirroring process

  • The database tables have support for threaded comments, using two additional fields:- threadid and depth. threadid is the id of the highest parent in the thread (unlike parentid which is the direct parent). depth is the comment thread depth.

  • Highlights (at CVS)

Please contact idan at If you wish to get the latest code tarballs

Sourceforge page:

More information:

All code, except the ZODB exported object(which CVS does not fit to), is available via CVS.


cvs login

cvs co sstorm-trunk

cvs co active-xmlrpc


cvs login

cvs co active-xmlrpc-java cvs co active-front-ruby (Yeah, I started a new frontend in ruby).

(Yes, currently part of the code is at sourceforge, and other portion at savannah).

-- PseudoPunk - 11 Jun 2002
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