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Activismo is a new codebase by geeks @ perth IMC (Australia)

Activismo was written after finding Standard Active far too clever for our simple minds. Plus its more fun to code it yourself smile

Activismo is written entirely in PHP, however it's custom email list handler is written in Python *Corection - Custom mail handler trashed and replaced with mailman*. It uses MySQL, altho theres no reason why it could not be adapted to Postgres.

Activismo features multiple open newswires , multiple RDF feeds, facilities for organising actions and action groups with e-loops, a publicly contributable document library and other fun goodies.

Activismo is still in development, and as of 7 feb 2003 is a little buggy and missing a couple of features, tho completely useable.

A "mini-activismo" version is available that cuts the whole system to a newswire and front page with only 3 files to install and 3 database tables.

Development stuff & CVS at Prototype site (and eventually a "real" indymedia site!) at *Update* Its real baby:-

Please contact the collective at for details before using this project on your IMC site. We'd like to be able to contact you when we discover bugs!

Sun Jun 15 2003- CVS is currently waaaaay out of date. Slack asses that perth indy are smile We are onto it and are going to totally rejig the CVS archive.

In the meantime, email me @ and we'll give yas a tarball that works. Activismo is dead simple to set up, and a minimum newswire + featurepage can work in just 4 files (+ sql setup file) Full features such as mailman integration ets still pretty easy.

The latest code uses one set of php scripts, with per-site info split out into configs.

Current sites

-- ShayneOneill - 06 Feb 2003
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