SF Active Meeting 16 jan 04


SF Active Tech Group

Who's part of it

  • people with cvs access + mtoups/quinten/... ?

How to organise it better

  • Mailinglists
    • we created a community mailinglist. it's unused.
    • see also next point (code base upgrades). for server maintainance we made progress).

  • bugs.sfimc.net
    • is cleaned up from bugs that were there but were allready fixed
    • is more used now.

Code Base Upgrades

  • Ahimsa
    • Ahimsa is at current cvs
    • Ahimsa is patched. some italy add ons & some things we can easily merge
    • Maintained by: blicero, pseudo

  • Staughton
    • staughton is at 0.9 & unpatched
    • pgh testsite & estrecho run their own shared
    • maintained by occam, pseudo

  • Stray
    • some at 0.9 & some at antique-code smile
    • patched or not ?
    • maintained by gek, occam, pseudo

  • Dissent
    • at 0.9 & unpatched.
    • maintained by pseudo

Code Development

New Tag

  • when ?
  • why
    • various bugfixes
    • seems stable while new code we plan could render cvs unusable.

Static Site

New File Upload & thumbnailing

  • PseudoPunk's proposal
    • from /uploads/ to /uploads/yyyy/mm
    • from name.ext to name_title.ext for non pictures & name_title.sizeindicator.ext for pictures
    • adding media-browsing system

Language indicators for articles & features

  • see bugreport about it.
  • could make it easier to do multilingual sites (with language-seperated content)
    • se indyhub.org & bulgaria.indymedia.it (it needs nasty hacks to get it working).


  • File Uploads for calendar
  • Html/css cleanup
  • more html-filter
  • comment_latest.inc
  • fine-tuning the admin
  • ical support for calendar
  • ....

User permissions

  • Implement a user_role table to assign permissions ("roles") to users.
  • a 2-column table, user_id and role_id
  • Each user may be assigned any number of roles.
  • a role_id maybe a number, indicating write-access to a particular feature category, or a letter indicating write access to sections of the admin system (articles, all features, file editor, etc.)
  • mark would like to implement these new functions into user_class and incorporate the new security into page classes of the admin system.
  • Will test fully and check-in all at once in as soon as a month or so.


Current State

  • Fr, It, En & Nl: 99,9% .dict & docu
  • Sr, Es & Tr: about 99% for .dict // docu nearly nothing.
  • Ca: 75% of the .dict
  • Bg: 20% ? (not even in cvs)
  • Sr & Pt: untouched since 11 months.


  • Translators
    • use translations.indymedia.org ?
    • someone who keeps track of it ?

  • Guidelines for the code ?
    • e.g.: if you add a string in .dict add it to every language ?

-- PseudoPunk - 15 Jan 2004
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