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Developed by: spud <>

Currently available at: <>

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Dada IMC is free software under the GNU LGPL license.

  • MySQL backend
  • PHP-only codebase
  • Totally object-oriented and highly structured, for clean code
  • Modular design, allowing new features to be implemented and plugged in easily
  • Really clean HTML
  • Built-in stylesheet support, including a CSS Editor
  • Easy installation, and full web-based management
  • Search-engine friendly URLs (e.g. "/newswire/display/132/index.php" instead of"/newswire/index.php?function=display&ID=132").
  • Module: Features. These are center-column articles, usually penned by the Editorial collective, and they allow accompanying media file uploads and links to related articles. User can designate "Section" (news, commentary) as well as "Category" (Civil Rights, Media, Legislation, etc).
  • Module: Articles. These are standard newswire articles, as with other IMCs. Users can designate both "Section" and "Category" as above, and can indicate whether or not the article is of "Local Interest to this IMC".
  • Module: Media Gallery. Other IMCs, given their architecture, require users who simply want to upload photos to create an "article" containing nothing but images. The dadaIMC code created the media gallery to allow users to upload various media with captions and attributions without having to create a bogus "article" to wrap around the media. All media uploaded to accompany articles and features are also placed in the Media Gallery.
  • Module: Razorwire. The razorwire is a short-lived "Alert Box" that appears at the top of the center column. It is used to cover urgent events unfolding in real time, allowing for by-the-minute updates of the situation. Razorwires can then be hidden and archived when no longer timely.
  • Module: Links. A simple link database, which verifies links daily and tracks link hits.
  • Module: Help. A system for adding icons (or link text) that creates a small JavaScript popup window with help or instructions for various aspects of the IMC site.
  • Module: Picturebooks. The picturebook is a cross between the media gallery and the newswire, allowing an individual to post a page-navigated "photo essay," combining photos and text into a book-like format for browsing.
  • Module: InfoDoc. The InfoDoc library allows for the easy creation of informational text pages, such as the Mission Statement, Contact Info, or Donation information. No more need to FTP file uploads and adding links manually! It works from right in your browser, and automatically builds a table of contents.
  • Module: OtherPress. Allows pointers to articles already available elsewhere on the net (to reduce the amount of pure repostings on the newswire).
  • Module: Feeder. Allows inclusion of arbitrary RSS 1.0 feeds on your site.
  • Administration access (password-protected) to high-level, site configuration options like available modules, page configuration preferences, etc.
  • Editorial access (password-protected) to mid-level options and article/feature maintenance, including the ability to edit, view, delete, hide, completely purge, or relate articles to one another. And the ability to submit a newswire Article for Feature consideration.
  • Automatic text-file caching of article pages for quick display (automatically refreshed after edits).
  • Previews of articles before final submission for User accounts.
  • Some (rough) cleanup of text before submission, stripping out potentially dangerous HTML/JavaScript code, and converting awkward Microsoft Word characters.
  • Media uploads are divided by generic MIME type (image/audio/video) and the directory structure can easily be modified to support sub-directories when things get full.
  • Automatic generation of ALT tags for images in articles.
  • Automatic generation of "printable" version for articles using CSS, suitable for quick printing and readability.
  • "Email this article to..." support.
  • User view filtering based on "section" or "category" for Features, Newswire articles, and Media.
  • Users can (optionally) submit a username/password when posting an article or uploading media that allows that user to be able to return and edit ONLY their own submissions (can be toggled on/off).
  • Full search capabilities, using MySQL fulltext searching with relevancy scores. Can be restricted to media, date, category, and/or searchtext. * Features and Newswire Articles are designed in such a way that highly-rated Articles are automatically submitted to the Editorial collective for consideration as a front-page Feature.
  • Debugging features with logging and optional email notification, admin-configurable.
  • Admin-configurable rating system for newswire Articles, including optional thresholds for Feature consideration.
  • Administrative ability to rethread articles as comments, or to relate one or more articles to each other.
  • Admin-configurable rating system for approving Feature pieces, including the ability to halt approval with a "Dissent" vote (our approval policy is currently 3 "Yes" votes with NO "Dissent").
  • Integration with the Radicalendar (<>), a free calendar server (a la I developed that is currently in testing. Even features email notifications of upcoming events!

Installing and Hacking dadaIMC

Converting Active to dadaIMC



Creating a static (plain HTML + search engine) copy of a dadaimc site by example of

Imc-drupal-dev mailing list: switching from DadaIMC to Drupal - any conversion script?
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