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Creating a static copy

fetching the content is a tool for website mirroring. wget could also be used but httrack has some advantages (bandwith + http connection limit, powerfull link conversion)

as Dada has stability issues under load situations you should just use ONE http connection and a maximum of 100 KByte/sec

 httrack -c 1 -A100000
mirror's the URL to `pwd`/

removing selectboxes and other active elements

maybe some stuff can be turned off in DadaIMC before fetching the content ??



point httrack to URL of the query for each seperate category and save results in different folders named as the categories

httrack -c 1 -A100000

then exchange category selection with some static html that links to those subpages and to the main page ('unfiltered')

Replacing Search with htdig

as search is implemented as an SQL query it can't be replaced by static html is a http search engine (similar to google and others but small scale)

htdig should be customized for you language TODO

'rundig' starts the indexing. be prepared for heavy load on web server AND machine wer htdig is running on.

on a 1200MHz Epia CPU it took 2 days to index a middle sized DadaIMC site
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