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This page is somewhere where the different categories different IMC sites use for their articles can be listed and we can work out how to map between them.

See the Dublin Core site for more info on dc:subject.


Lists of categorisations in use by Indymedia sites.


Biotech has a list of IMC sites with biotech related topics: BiotechSyndication


The IMC UK site has regional topics and action topics in addition to the following topics.

dc:subject dc:lang dc:description
Analysis en Political Discourse / Discussion / Theory
Animal Liberation en animal rights, anti-vivisection, live exports, intensive farming
Anti-militarism en Peace and anti-war news
Anti-racism en Anti-racist and anti-fascist news
Bio-technology en GM, GMOs, Gene manupulation, patents...
Culture en Cultural news
Ecology en Environment / GMO's / Roads
Education en Education news
Free Spaces en Autonomous and free spaces news
Gender en Sexuality and gender news
Globalisation en Globalisation news
Health en Health news
Indymedia en News concerning Indymedia itself
Migration en Migration and no borders news
Repression en Police and state oppression news
Social Struggles en Strikes, campaigns, Labour Movement and Trade Union issues
Technology en Open source Free / Libre software and other news that matters...
Zapatista en Zapatista uprising and solidarity campaigns


War/Militarization en  
Labor en  
Globalization en  
Environment en  
Transportation en  
Government en  
Media en  
Animal Rights en  
Police en  
Racism en  
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