There is a new server available for storing source code and templates and managing tech-projects.

Perspective: It could be a place for cooperation within and between the different tech-projects around indymedia and beyond. Also a place to comunicate with end-users (Public Forums, Bugtracking, Wishlists...)

Shortterm goals: Move CVS-Modules off kosmos, have a reliable development/cooperation server.

Hardware: Brand new machine, > 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM ...

Software: Complete collaboration-suite.
Gforge is somehow the free implementation of the 'sourceforge' Open Source collaborative software development tool.

Gforge offers a variety of services for every project created.

Some Features: (for each Project)
  • Project Home Page
  • Tracker for
    • Bugs
    • Support Requests
    • Patches
    • Feature Requests
  • Public Forums
  • Doc Manager: Project Documentation
  • Mailing Lists
  • Task Manager
  • Surveys
  • CVS Repository

Not every project will need all this of cause.

Connection / Housing : with a local/alternative provider in Berlin, Germany 2MBit / Flat

Finance / Funding : Server has been payed for localy. Some Funding would be very welcome. Maybe not from alternative-media fundations but from sources that support free-software-development and stuff like this.

Policy (so far):
  • everyone can sign up as a user
  • everyone can create a project and become project leaders
  • site admin will approve new projects
  • project leaders approve new ppl joining a project
  • project members get CVS- and SFTP-access to project files
  • no real shell accounts for users
  • no other services on the serve (no mir-sites etc.)

*Admin kiss idefix <>

-- InIt - 18 Jan 2004
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