Global tech volunteer needs

There are a number of other Todo lists for the various working groups related to IMC-tech, the following list is a list of things that might overlap in one of those working groups, but is listed here because it is a more general need. Please have a look at these other Todo lists for more things that need to be done (or add something!):

We need most of all time and energy, not money, we don't have the time or the energy to even spend money.

Where do we need time/energy? I think we need a lot of help with various global tech projects:

Global Templating

there is a lot of work yet to be done on the migration, and we need tech savvy people who know the Mir template system, or who can learn it, who also have design skills (there are also other mir sites that need templating help to reduce the load on the mir coders...)


We need listworkers, and we need techs who can work on the backend of the lists (spam filtering, upgrading mailman).

We need people who know python and debian to develop patches and improve existing ones for debian mailman.


There is now a working group for our wiki :
  • daily work would take benefit of a few more people's involvement
  • the TODO list is quite huge
  • a lot of work has to be done in order to push internationalization/UTF-8 into upstream TWiki and into our wiki.


We seem to have enough people to do DNS updates, which doesn't take much time.

done--> but we need people to organize around setting up our own DNS server so we aren't dependant on freespeech anymore.


done -> We need someone to straighten out the web-based IRC stuff, ie. cgi::irc implementation and removal of the jirc web portal, we need someone to be responsible for this.

Backup pest

We really need someone who can be a backup pest, who can make sure that what needs to be backed up is getting backed up, and find ways to backup those things which aren't.

Volunteer coordination

We need someone who can devote their time to volunteer coordination, integrating new members into the tech group, getting them up to speed and getting them on tasks that are needed to be done, as well as chasing down people who said they'd do something to see where it is, and maybe transitioning tasks from one person who can't work on it anymore to another person who is eager to do something.


We HAD a keyserver at, but it needs work, both the keyserver itself, the website and the implementation need someone to take care of it, improve it and make it more useful.

Update : since this server was on ahimsa and stolen by the governments, a team is taking responsibility to put it back online. They organize there : KeyServer

IMC Database

We need some people who can help improving or recoding the IMC Database code. Also, a working group could be formed to think of new functions to be implemented in future versions of the code and to maintain the docs on the Wiki. The database is a at . The current SVN and documentation is at ImcDatabase

RT (Request Tracker)

We used to have this tool to track things that have to be done, but we lost it somehow. ImcDocs and Listwork would be happy to see it back.

Update : a working group was just formed to take care of this, and they organize on SoS.

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-- IntRigeri - 27 Jan 2005 : updated wiki section

-- AlsteR - 27 Jan 2005 - added IMC DB

-- IntRigeri - 21 Feb 2005 - added RT

-- IntRigeri - 27 Feb 2005 - updated after NewTechOrientation2005 meeting.
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