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IMC Drupal Development

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system: Several local IMCs are now using Drupal, and we are working on a drupal installation profile for indymedia (in other words, a customized drupal installation that will work out of the box for setting up local IMCs.)

To get involved with imc-drupal-dev:

  • IRC: #drupal-dev server:, #drupal-support server:

Which IMCs (and associates) use Drupal?

Here is the big list of which IMCs are using Drupal: ImcDrupalDevUsingList

How do IMCs use Drupal?

New Drupal IMC install and set up

A Drupal Install Profile sets up initial values in your database that enable modules, set defaults, basic roles and permissions, and other tedious stuff that most IMCs will need. It should allow you to set up a basic IMC in a few hours. To use the 'new-imc' profile below you need to

  • Download Drupal 6.x and create your database
  • Download the 6.x versions of the modules and theme listed on ImcDrupalDevModules into sites/all/modules/ and sites/all/themes/ (mkdir first!)
  • Download the profile below (soon!) into profiles/
  • Visit your site and finish installing Drupal - you should have a Drupal IMC in no time...

Drupal Modules (and Themes, Settings etc) for IMCs

  • Here is a list of modules, themes etc for Drupal IMCs, and details of which ones you will need to use the install profile: ImcDrupalDevModules

Drupal installation profiles for IMCs

Important: Security and privacy

Using Drupal during a major protest convergence


  • ImcDrupalMigrationDada
    • migrated from Dada
    • Some fixes and customization to dadamigrate. This module is undocummented and I dove into the code to fix some bugs. Fixes / changes I remember:
      • to use comment module instead of nodecomment (almost all the work was done in the module but it is a 'hidden' feature).
      • to correct parent comments to nodes.
      • to correct features linking to proper articles.
      • to use a cck field for "related urls" (a dadaIMC feature) instead of inserting that info in the article body (as the migrator does).
      • pending: code to support hidden module(based on nodes and comments) instead of imc_editor (based on nodes --and commentnodes).
  • sf-active migration
    • migrated fully from sf-active
    • IMC Belgium converted the sf-active site to a static html site which is being used as an archive. At some point, we'll put this content into a Drupal install for easier management, search, etc.

More IMC development work

Email discussions and issues

PhillC's initial questions and issues:

Problem of hidden posts being viewable:

Drupal features:

Advice from Perth on instability:

Performance and troubleshooting

Information in languages other than English

-- GarconDuMonde - 03 Dec 2004 - started
-- StacyS - 04 Dec 2004 added email links
-- MarkB - 26 Apr 2005 added mysql db dump
-- RobBoston - 18 Sep 2005 added columbus to imc list
-- CamG - 25 Oct 2005 added newswire.module
-- BrunoDb - 09 Nov 2005 added to imc list
-- AndMelb - 22 Dec 2005 added climate imc and added link to melbimc dev site
-- KwadroNaut - 12 Feb 2006 versions/sydney imc
-- CamG - 24 Feb 2006 added robots.module
-- KwadroNaut - 03 May 2006 new version and malta is in the network
-- SmusH - 08 May 2006 added aotearoa
-- WikiKes - 20 May 2006 added cities module and york; 22 May 2006 added link about hiddens and patches for images.module and audio.module
-- PunkRider - 15 Dec 2006 - added city santa barbara
-- RueBe - 28 Jan 2007 - added austria
-- SashaCostanzaChock - 13 June 2007 - added Worcester
-- MarkB - 21 Jul 2007 - added Bolivia
-- WikiKes - 30 Jan 2008 - added some more sites, added links to modules on, removed links to old patches etc.
-- JonhattanA - 02 Dec 2007 - added Canarias
-- MarkB - 31 Jan 2008 - added section for links re: performance and troubleshooting
-- SpaceBunny - 27 Apr 2008 - added Indymedia Scotland to list
-- LeVin - 8 May 2008 - added survey link, put imc-melb has disbanded, added Film Forge
-- LeVin - 04 Jul 2008 - re-worked page, adding survey results
-- HongPong - 18 Dec 2009 added
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audio.module.patchpatch audio.module.patch manage 524 bytes 22 May 2006 - 11:49 UnknownUser audio.module (cvs) patch to stop anonymous users from being able to edit images posted anonymously
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drupal.indymedia.sql.gzgz drupal.indymedia.sql.gz manage 6 K 27 Apr 2005 - 00:28 UnknownUser Drupal indymedia mysql database
hidden-0.5.tar.gzgz hidden-0.5.tar.gz manage 11 K 17 Jun 2007 - 03:47 UnknownUser Hidden module
image-4.6.0.module.patchpatch image-4.6.0.module.patch manage 463 bytes 22 May 2006 - 10:54 UnknownUser image.module patch to stop anonymous users from being able to edit images posted anonymously
image-4.7.0.module.patchpatch image-4.7.0.module.patch manage 469 bytes 22 May 2006 - 10:55 UnknownUser image.module patch to stop anonymous users from being able to edit images posted anonymously
indymedia_cities.modulemodule indymedia_cities.module manage 1 K 20 May 2006 - 15:39 UnknownUser Simple module to make a block for cities list and update the list daily
newswire.modulemodule newswire.module manage 1 K 25 Oct 2005 - 07:00 UnknownUser Creates a Newswire block that shows the last 10 posts in a catagory called 'newswire'.
robots.modulemodule robots.module manage 1 K 24 Feb 2006 - 07:42 UnknownUser Returns robots.txt. Currently the config is hardcoded into the module.
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