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This page was originally made to document the setting up of a particular base Indy install for Drupal 5 in 2006. It is now a place to add notes about Drupal 5 installs. There is still a need for ImcDrupalProfile (s)

Base install notes


Added role: admin basic access edited for this



  • Created Event Type, including location text field

There is scope with CCK to create the 'anonymous' poster 'free input' field common to a lot of Indymedia sites.


There are several options. Discussion thread starting http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-drupal-dev/2007-December/1228-1i.html continuing http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-drupal-dev/2008-January/0102-o4.html

Rather than writing a custom block module Views is usually used to make the newswire(s) or taxonomy block.

Using Taxonomy

A taxonomy is set up for terms such as 'newswire' and other 'sections' of a traditional IMC layout.

This then requires Taxonomy Access Control to posts go to the correct sections. This is a node access module - it requires a big table and lots of queries, it also doesn't work with other node access modules.

Or Taxonomy Defaults with Vocabulary Permissions

Using Node Queues

Node queue can be used to set up lists of nodes to be displayed using views. This can then use actions workflow not only to post things into the newswire, but also follow the admin workflow common to several IMCs.


Using the event module

  • Enabled calender and time to 'story' and 'event'

or using the CCK fields and it's calender field.

The later is now more likely to give flexibility in display, particularly for things that have a date but aren't forthcoming events (like reports with a date for when they happened).

Cities List

Indymedia Cities list module


Hidden content module


Displaying images is not part of the Drupal core.

Originally it was therefore necessary to add the 'Image' module. Additionally then either installing the 'Upload Image' module (shows the thumbnail of an image when you attach it instead of the file name) and/or 'Img_assist' (allows uploading images as nodes while you post an article as well as easy positioning in the text).

There are now the alterative/s of using CCK image field, the developing imagecache module and the asset module (and combinations of them).


Indymedia Drupal Dev is set up as multilingual site. If you want a monolingual site, disable the modules 'locale', all the 'i18n' and 'translation' because otherwise you still will need to deal with setting languages!
  • installed module: Internationalisation. Enabled: localizaton, i18n, i18n-blocks, i18n-menues, translation
  • documentation: see http://drupal.org/node/67817
  • Terms used: Localization is the translation of the navigation etc, while translation refers to the translation of the content that can be added by users.
  • Currently German is added as a second language, because at the moment it is the only one that has most Drupal5 related terms translated. Add, enable and disable languages as required.
  • additional languages for localization: new languages can be added in Site configuration > Localization, either by adding a language and translate everything from scratch or by adding an existing Drupal translation directly. Translations available at http://drupal.org/project/Translations. Enable the necessary languages, and also click "RTL" on for them.
  • after installing new modules you might need to import the translation file again to add new strings
  • Multilingual system: set to
    • detect browser language
    • display all languages, therefore the original posting will be displayed if no translation is available
    • interface is not changing with the content
  • Blocks: The translation block is enabled, but not the language switch, because language switch only changes the interface language, but would not display the content in the chosen language.


Module updated to work with 5.x series: http://drupal.org/node/102316

Organic Groups

Organic groups would be definitely useful for IMCs that are being organised in subgroups of any sorts. E.g. several indymedia prefer to have a separate section for people who do indymedia stuff on a specific issue. Some other indys need to co-operate with local free-media collectives such as radio station and newspapers. Organic Groups allow splitting the site into several working sections, dividing the permissions accordingly, so that people can do internal work for preparing stuff or communicating with each other, and publish them when finished.

Taxonomy groups if you want any non-public content is a node_access module so won't work with Taxonomy Access.

ToDo: The ownership of posts could be held by the group rather than an individual user.

Theme notes


  • favicon.ico is replaced by an indymedia icon.
  • To exchange it with a customized icon: replace it in the misc folder
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