Drupal Modules, Themes and Settings for IMCs

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The modules below are or may be used by IMCs. The most common ones are (will be!) part of the ImcDrupalProfile.

Module Development by IMCs

Some IMCs develop their own drupal modules. As long as they are not an official project, this should be the place to link them

How IMCs use Drupal and which ones should be in the profile.

Core modules first (no link), additional modules including link to module info.

Much of this information is the result of this survey which was compiled in June 2008.

  Survey results In IMC alba install? Proposed 'new-imc' install
Version 5.x(5), 6.x(2) 6.x 6.x
Core Modules enabled Aggregator(4), Blog(2), Blogapi(1), Book(1), Color(1), Comment(6), Contact(3), Content Translation(2), Database Logging(1), Drupal(2), Forum(3), Help(6), Legacy(1), Locale(3), Menu(7), openID(1), Path(6), Ping(3), Profile(2), Search(7), Statistics(2), Syslog(1), Throttle(1), Taxonomy(7), Throttle(2), Tracker(3), Update Status(4), Upload(6) Aggregator, Color, Help, Menu, Search, Taxonomy, Translation, Upload Aggregator, Comment, Help, Menu, Path, Search, Taxonomy, Update Status, Upload
Other Modules: audio(2), cck(6)-Note1, cck: date(5), event(1), image(2), image assist(2), upload image(3), indymedia_cities(6), notify(3), hidden(4), spam(1), taxonomy access control(2)-Note2, web links(1), captcha(4), tagadelic(3), views(6)-Note3, tinymce(3), pathauto(3), panels/Panels2(3), (more) fckeditor, indymedia_cities; custom modules: article, dadamigrate, imc_alba, imceditor, imcviews, nodecomment, nodeextradata cck, cck:date, images(which?), hidden, captcha, cities list, pathauto, views, views:ui
Roles/Permissions editor, admin roles and some have 'regular contributors/user/trusted' role (use adminrole - no d6)   editor (content admin) and site_admin (all)
Workflow Hiddens: Hidden module and node queue for featured articles.
Workflow module (inc. 'hidden' state).
Views mostly simple views, but see:
Keyword-based podcast generator
Themes contact any IMC that you like
Patches http://drupal.org/node/210405 - a views addition for image upload
http://drupal.org/node/276732 - hidden for 6.x
IMC Belgium patches Forward, Panels2, jQuery media, Token

Image handling

  • Image module, image upload but then using views addition patch: all should probably go CCK.
  • Still in the air. I plan a solution based on upload / comment_upload / upload_preview / inline, that I think is pretty similar to dadaIMC. No imce or image_assist. Perhaps we switch to use images as nodes, to use a gallery (acidfree) or perhaps images as nodes and uploads will coexist...
  • Imagefield & Filefield. On the new site, we'll use imagecache for automatic image maniplation and Lightbox2 to create slideshows.
  • currently using FCKeditor and IMCE and creating small thumbnail images for stories and haven't figured out a better way of integrating this with multiple sizes for stories.
  • Images are uploaded as separate nodes, and inserted using Tinymce.

Other Modules in use

  • cck: link, Field Permissions, Filefield
  • Javascript Tools: JS calendar(2), Activemenu, jquery ui
  • views: ui, calender, calender ical
  • Location(2), transliteration(2), boost(caching), organic groups (for local groups), nodequeue, taxonomy defaults, token, vocabulary permissions, administration_menu, link, dadamigrate & node extra data (both part of imc_alba), comment_upload, inline, upload_preview, ASCII art CAPTCHA, jstools, Imagefield, Imagecache, Media mover, Mollom, Views_fastsearch, Forward, Print, Token, Calendar, FCK Editor, IMCE, Video, Mycaptcha, Embedded Media Field, Contact link, Actions, Workflow, Excerpt, Form Collect, Form Store, Form tweaker, Module weight, Node comment, Printer-friendly pages, Safe HTML, Calendar, Image Inline, i18n, iBlocks, icecast yp, ip anonymizer, localization client, secure login, jquery treeview, jquery update, custom radio.indy modules: "radio", "radio legacy", "upload more"

Survey Comments

  • EVENTS: It is important to note that we dont use a exclusive nodetype for events (event module nor custom cck). We just added a multivalued date field to story content type. The user posting has to fill the date if this story is an event, left it blank if not an event. The events newswire will show the next events based on stories with date filled.
  • video/audio/uploads handling

Other options (audio, video etc)

  • upload module and look for modules to easily handle audio, video, etc based on flash players...

Module Details

Indymedia Specific Modules

General purpose

  • adminrole: to automatically asign all access to a given role
  • checkall: add a checkall box to select elements of forms
  • forward: send a node via mail
  • jstools: enable javascript useful things
  • jscalendar: a javascript calendar for date fields
  • pdfview: exports a node to pdf
  • printable:
  • taxonomy_batch_operations: to batch add terms to a vocabulary, is able of cut&paste operations.
  • tinymce: wysiwyg javascript editor

Comments and moderation

  • comment: a core-optional module.
  • comment upload: Allows users to attach files to comments.
  • comment aproval: Reactive moderation of comments. Comments get published normally but appear in an approval queue. From the queue they can be approved, disapproved or deleted.
  • comment closer: Schedule automatic closing of comments for selected node types based on the age of the node
  • comment mover: Move comments to other threads or convert them to nodes.
  • comment page: Display comments as individual pages to build your site content.
  • In addition: Indymedia specific Hidden module (see above)
  • In addition: RSS feeds for comments (see Feeds section)

Localization / Internationalization

  • Autolocale: automatically import locale files of modules when activated
  • Locale
  • i18n
  • transliteration: sanitize names of uploaded files

Feeds (RSS, Atom,..)




Modules by IMC CMS feature requirement

Feature Description Drupal 5 solution Drupal 6 solution
Anonymous open publishing It should be possible for users to anonymously add content to an indymedia site. admin/user/access config admin/user/access config
easy mirroring capability To be able to cope with massive hits it should be possible to host mirrors easily. The requirements for a prospective mirror host sdhould be as low as possible. Also it should be easily set up. Squid or Boost and Rsync Squid or/and Boost and Rsync
syndication -out/in most indymedia sites offer rss feeds. some indymedia sites also import rss feeds Views RSS feeds; aggregator module Views RSS feeds; aggregator module
search   search module search module
The ability to create multiple instances It should be possible to host multiple IMCs on a single server sites directory sites directory
Multimedia handling It should be possible to post images and videos, as these are used frequently by our user base multiple options  
Categories It should be possible to organise content (i.e. postings) by category, region, type, etc taxonomy module taxonomy module
Good performance on affordable hardware Our often improvised equipment should be able to host the IMC sites enable aggressive caching (install memcache contrib) enable aggressive caching
Customisability The CMS should allow different IMCs to tailor the organization of their site intrinsic intrinsic
internationalisation The ability to present the navigation of an IMC site in multiple languages / the ability to easily add suported languages locale module locale module
translation The ability to allow users to anonymously translate postings i18n drupal core
comments The ability to comment / add clarification / updates to an article is an essential feature on most IMC sites comment module comment module
anti-abuse measures Unfortunately, a lot of IMC's have to deal with a lot of abuse: spam, trolling, ddos attacks. The CMS should offer the tools to deal with this. flood control, spam module, captcha flood control, spam module, captcha
easy moderation moderation of open postings is one of the least favourite tasks in indymedia collectives. This should be as easy as possible. Think about removing spam postings, hiding racist postings entirely from sight (as is required in some countries) hidden module  
calendar A lot of IMC sites have a calendar where people can post there activism events on CCK date and views calendar (or event)  
features Most IMCs work with an open newswire and a middle (feature) column with postings by the editorial collective. views, node queue, etc.  
documentation   drupal.org handbooks, ... drupal.org handbooks, ...
Logins In order to prevent people abusively masquerading as another user, it would be nice to be able to register the (nick)name of a poster. This feature might furthermore be employed to allow easy navigation to "more of this user" postings, stimulating open publishing for frequent contributers. An extra aspect of this feature might be to have these (nick)names registered globally, so one registration suffices to have a (nick)name registered for every IMC. user module user module
access control It would be desirable to be able to differentiate between different admins / users with regards to what they are allowed to do. An example usage might be: for a multi-collective imc site, each collective might only have access to change the pages belonging to the collective. As CMSes may implement this feature in widely varying ways, it is extra important to make a good description of the possibilities of the given CMS regarding to functionality like this. core core
user moderation In what sense can visitors play a role in the moderation of the site? A CMS may for instance support voting a la http://slashdot.org . votingapi, spam module, etc.  
open editing Can posters edit their articles after submission? user access configuration user access configuration
profile What possibilities does the CMS with regards to user profiles? This might include a page with the articles posted by the user, a list of their friends and so on profile module profile module
user notifications Related to the previous feature: does the CMS offer the possibility to contact an author by way of his profile, without the author having to publish his email address in plain sight? contact module contact module
notify moderator button   spam module  
podcasting/vodcasting Does the CMS support podcasting/vodcasting? What possible extra features does it have in relation to this? upload module, audio module, etc.  
redundancy (DB content storage) Given the problems indymedia has with server seizures, we would be much helped if we could find a CMS that can be installed so that "if one machine is taken by surprise out of the network, no imc will suffer downtime as a result". This would typically include database replication, but this is neither necessary nor sufficient. replicate database, rsync filesystem replicate database, rsync filesystem
version control Does the CMS offer version control on publish content? That is: is it possible to track all previous versions of an article as it's edited? enable node revisions enable node revisions
customisable skins by user Can users customize the presentation of the site? If so, what possibilities are available? enable multiple themes, allow users to choose enable multiple themes, allow users to choose
accessibility   core is accessible (custom theme could introduce accessibility issues) core is accessible
xhtml validation   contrib html corrector core HTML corrector filter
GIS   ?location module? (not sure what this is)  
photo galleries   views, image gallery, etc.  
licensing options   creativecommons_lite  
image manipulation   auto thumbnail generation: imagecache or image module or media mover  
p2p integration   bittorrent module  
social networking / filtering systems   ??  
wysiwyg   tinymce  
tagging: Does the CMS support tagging? What options are available? (think of searches, the ability to moderate tags, etc) free-tagging taxonomy  
anti-bot systems like captchas   captcha module  
easier installation Is it easy to install the CMS using default configuration values? Do packages exist for the major distros? install profile needed! install profile needed!
cross site search   possible to integrate 3rd party search service or search aggregated nodes  



Presently Drupal 5.1, hosted on meuse@tachanka which has the mod_removeip patch.

[1] CCK using link and text
[2] Taxononmy access control uses node access. This is really clunky for big sites, and bad for a small site like York that wants to use groups. All tac is doing here is preventing just anyone posting to topics like features. I intend to remove it with a created lite module that just does posting access and not reading access.
[3] Views is stupidly big for what it does here, just make the Newswire. Unless it is used more often as the site develops, it will be far better to create a custom module to display the newswire. It's all a case of time isn't it! RSS and UI are enabled.

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-- BenjaminWest - 22 Feb 2008 - Added link to transliteration module
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