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Which IMCs and associates use Drupal?

Here's your answer:

group/location url part of imcn? using drupal? drupal version
hungary yes migrating  
quebec yes currently  
melbourne not in operation was  
sydney yes yes  
columbus yes yes  
boston yes will be; in development  
Malta yes yes yes currently  
climate imc ClimateImc yes currently  
aotearoa A-IMC yes in development (  
york website -- initial installation notes not yet yes  
Scotland server down! w yes yes  
austria yes yes  
worcester yes yes  
bolivia yes yes  
Philadelphia yes in dev  
Emilia Romagne yes yes  
Napoli yes yes  
Lombardia yes yes  
Urbana Champaign yes yes  
Siberia no? yes  
Colorado yes yes  
Beltway Area not in operation yes  
St Loius server down! yes yes  
Norway yes yes  
Tampa Bay -- notes yes yes  
Sarasota yes yes  
Canarias yes migrating  
Roma yes yes  
Liguria yes yes  
openradio related - open publishing radio yes  
atlanta yes yes  
radio yes yes  
La Plana yes yes  
Twin Cities yes yes  
Film Forge no yes  
Israel yes migrating - glad for any help  

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