Migration from Dada to Drupal

A mostly feature-complete Drupal 6 migration script has also been made, which imports articles, features, comments, media, and sets up redirects from dada urls like /newswire/display/2323/index.php to /node/498376, thus not breaking old urls. It can be found here: http://cvs.drupal.org/viewvc.py/drupal/contributions/modules/imc_alba/dadamigrate/

A drupal-4.7 migration script has also been made, look at: http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-drupal-dev/2007-February/0216-c4.html

Table of content :


Dada has an objectid in tables like articles and features, these are different ids.

Article table

The newswire table

Is it worth using CCK to recreate Dada fields like the two uri, the licence... Submitted = 0 means? Dispalayable = 0 - hidden , 1 - not-hidden? Drop the rating? Has a language field - i18n module (not for this site, but others) mime_type - text/html text/x-html if html pages rather than plain text

Features table

Similar format to article table. Same node import, just drop in additional taxonomy.

Info table

Import as page nodes. OK to loose the summary? Or should it be put at the top of the page?


Links module?

Media table

Fun fun fun... looks like stored just by file name, so maybe able to import into the upload module easily!? mime_class: image - use image module?

parent_class: article, feature... parent_id: linkage?

Maybe auto importing with nodes... and using image with upload module. Stuff like 'alignment' will just have to be lost Loosing some of the exif data may even be a security bonus!


Just loose this?


hasn't been used in this case, looks like a custom node, or collecting data in the body would be in order if it had been - different topic of course.


loadsa spam users

map objectid to uid for articles etc. password hashing looks the same smile

Devel.DadaImcStaticCopy: How to create a static copy of a dadaimc site (if you want to get around having to migrate the data, not a good solution but better than none)
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