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Imc-Tech Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get involved with IMC-tech?

The imc-tech universe is large and disorganized, in lieu of a welcome packet take a look at

The easiest way is to come and meet us on irc.indymedia.org #tech. (see below for help on how to access chat channels - irc) To check what are current tasks, projects, issues, ie. to find out what needs to get done, read http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/public/imc-summaries and feel free to drop by irc.indymedia.org #tech

Q. How can I attend a tech meeting?

You need an irc client. You can use our java client: http://chat.indymedia.org or you can download your own at: http://www.irchelp.org. The indymedia irc server is irc.indymedia.org and we usually meet in either #tech or #meeting.

Q. How do I get my IMC listed in the sidebar list of IMCs?

Usually imc-tech gets a message from someone at new-imc when the new group has gone through that process. Please see http://newimc.indymedia.org

Q. How do I get updated cities lists?

A. The authoritative listing of imc's is located at:


You can get it in cron or whatever as most other imcs do, I think we're planning on moving to some xml format soon so that you don't have to parse our html if you want a different layout. imc-tech is usually the place for requests to update this file to be made.

Q. I have a list or email question or request (eg. How can my IMC get a mailing list?)

There is a Listwork working group which you can go to to find your answers and ask your questions.

If you are trying to find out how get a list created, fill out the form at http://newlist.indymedia.org and the Listwork working group will create one for you.

Q. I have a DNS question

Ask dns@indymedia.org

Q. I have a TWiki question

Ask imc-docs@lists.indymedia.org
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