HOWTO collect summaries

Vast amount of work gets done on the technical side of Indymedia Network. It goes on 24/7. Our goal with summaries is to collect the knowledge and make it more reusable for the future and more accesible than it is right now. To allow easier following for those who aren't subscribed to tech lists, and to collect what's valuable for us, community that does the work, to be reused. Balance between these two requirements is a fine one to get. Amongst other things that you will collect, we are looking for (click on it to see the example):

Email lists are the most important place to look at, and there are many. Have a look.

However, there are few lists where people post most of what we are looking for:

If you have time, patience and access to our dev server kropotkin you can scroll through the logs of #tech IRC channel. Here's why we log. Log's aren't available on web and it's location is different that in this email, you can ask on #tech or imc-tech-coord list further.

and before you give it a go, here's an EXAMPLE.

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