Active2 Dev Meeting Summary, 15 May 2002

Not much was decided but here are some things mentioned:

  • templating systems were discussed but nothing decided. evaluation of Cheetahtemplate was mentioned and Ingo(?) said to look more into it
  • what would be desired for a good template systems are:
    1. easy (which means easy-to-use for designers, not backend programmers)
    2. flexible (flexible as far as designing Web pages is concerned)
    3. I18N (should be easy to make internationalizable)
    4. mike: nice-to-have: 1. fast 2. renders nicely without template-expansion (that is, rendres reasonably well for web-designers who don't have the backend installed in a Web server and want to just look at the raw template-html-files with their favourite Web browser).
  • we also encouraged people to add stuff to the wiki, especially drafts that are currently are only accesible via the list archives.
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