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Needs and Feature Requests

Unique Features

  • MirInternationalization - fully integrated internationalization for multi-language support. Easy to translate without knowing programming or even HTML. Translations already exist for many languages, more are being worked on. - MirInternationalization
  • StaticPublishing, all published pages are just (s)html. Enables a wide variety of hosting, mirroring, and distributed, un-attackable hosting options. Important for political safety reasions.


Full list of features at http://mir.indymedia.org/en/2002/12/223.shtml

  • Popular FreeMarker template language
  • Static publishing: Mir produces static HTML files for easy mirroring and so that the site can be viewed without creating a high load on servers. No fancy caching mechanisms are necessary. The presentation and production are completely independent from each other.
  • Very configurable (see the config.properties file)
  • Written in Java using standard servlet API and popular tools like those from the Apache Jakarta project ( http://jakarta.apache.org)
  • Uses the Freemarker template engine to allow easy modification of site design without programming knowledge.
  • Structured Object oriented 4 layer design. Servlet modules, Entity/Database (the persistance layer), Media handlers (an abstraction layer for manipulating different media formats) and the Producer layer (for creating the static html pages). see doc/CODESTRUCTURE for more details.
  • The persistance layer uses the poolman package for caching Database connections.
  • Entity object caching is integrated into the persistance layer.
  • Meta-data/Database schema and classification based on the Dublic Core standard. Media folders, topics, features.
  • supports displaying the dynamic part of the site in multiple languages using the Java Locale/language bundle standard (.properties files). Bundles exist for spanish, english, dutch, quechua, turkish, german and aymara. The upcoming 1.1 version (in CVS) supports producing the static site in several languages.
  • Media abstraction layer to cleanly and easily handle/add different Media formats like mp3, realmedia, video, etc.. uses mime-types to map to the correct handler
  • Supports categorization into topics and media folders (eg. different folders for different events), features, breaking news, newswire, etc..
  • Production of xml RDF syndication. e.g for the indymedia global newswire.
  • Powerful and rich admin/editor interface with features like the ability to change the event date of an article, multiple ways to search.. help and much more.
  • Ability to edit some static site files such as CSS, html include files through a basic web based text editor.
  • Filtering of uploaded articles to remove unwanted HTML tags.
  • Can output articles into PDF (upcoming 1.1 version has better text wrapping support).
  • Search via HTdig index of static files. (upcoming 1.1 CVS version uses integrated Jakarta Lucene for indexing the static files.)
  • Automatic thumbnail generation using Java Advanced Imaging (JAI). (1.1 uses Jmagick too)
  • A flexible producer layer. Runs in it's own thread. Configurable via an XML file to dynamically choose the structure the site should take, what should be archived...
  • Introduction of the Localization infrastructure to allow easy low-level customization of Mir.

Development & Info

install info

platforms mir is running on: MirServerSetups

other development info


UK Active to Mir migration:


You can Help

Help translate Mir into other languages, all you need to know are the language you want to translation from, and the language you want to translate to. Read about the FreenessOfJava debate (is that link dead forever? See http:../Local/JavaFreedomAndImcUk JavaFreedomAndImcUk too)

Other stuff

New overview page: MirOverview

  • OsiFundingBid - this is a page where ideas about applying for a grant...

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