Mir2Drupal - Drupal 7 Modules

This page documents the possible Drupal 7 modules we can use to configure an Indymedia site migrated from MIR.

List of modules for possible use

  1. Localization:
    1. Enable locale module (core).
    2. Install site-specific languages.
  2. Anti-SPAM settings:
    1. CAPTCHA (not stable for D7 as of 2011-05-23).
    2. reCAPTCHA (stable for D7, but depends on CAPTCHA module above).
    3. AntiSpam (stable for D7).
  3. Multimedia solutions:
    1. Video, handbook (stable for D7).
    2. Working with images (included in D7 core).
    3. Gallery formatter (stable for D7).
    4. Media, FAQ, Documentation (not stable for D7 as of 27 May 2011).
    5. AudioField (not stable for D7 as of 27 May 2011).
    6. WYSIWYG, Installation, FAQ (stable for D7).
  4. Indymedia specific functionalities:
    1. Indymedia cities list (stable for D7).
    2. Flag, to mark content as feature, newswire, open trash, closed trash (not stable for D7 as of 20 May 2011).
    3. votingapi to promote or hide content based on votes (stable for D7).
  5. Other modules:
    1. Calendar (stable for D7).

Todo list:

  1. Check if modules are compatible with each other.
  2. Check if these correspond to the best solutions for our needs.
  3. Check if modules which are not stable will be stable soon, history of development, compatibility with other modules, plans for future development.

Solutions already working for Indymedia Drupal sites

  • Worcester: migrated from sf-active to Drupal, here is a how-to.
  • Linksunten uses the following setup:
    • There are different levels of hiding postings: comments can be folded, comments/nodes can be hidden, censored and deleted.
    • Folded comments: comment_rating (own module).
    • Hidden: ekes' hidden module (no version for D7 as of 20 May 2011).
    • Censored + deleted: flag (not stable for D7 as of 20 May 2011).
    • Moderated: flag + votingapi (stable for D7).

Page configurations

  • Set NOWYSIWYG = 1

-- DrebS - 23 May 2011
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