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This page contains a survey to be sent to Indymedia collectives which use Drupal as CMS, to be able to develop a strategy for migration from MIR to Drupal 7. This page is based on this survey, adapted to the specific needs of the sites migrating from MIR, but the survey may also be answered by colectives that are using drupal no matters from wich software they migrated.

IMC Drupal Survey

Is English a problem for you? Then please contact us.
Anglais un probl\xE8me est-il pour vous ? Veuillez alors nous contactent.
Ist ein Problem f\xFCr Sie englisch? Bitte dann in Verbindung treten mit uns.
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Currently there are many indymedias using Drupal and there are at least 13 Indymedia sites that use MIR as far as we are aware.

Hopefully this survey will take you less than 30 minutes.

Thanks for your time!

Please answer survey as soon as you can and give us feedback on this page.

IMC information

  • From which IMC (or other collective) are you?
  • What is the URL of the website?
  • How many collectives use the same website for publishing?
  • Is it possible to access each collective's news sepparately?

Drupal information

  • Which version of Drupal do you use (5.x, 6.x, 7.x)?
  • Which modules (and versions) are you using to solve your website needs?

Migration information

  • Did you migrate from other platform? Which?
  • Are you planning to migrate to another platform? Which?
  • Did you migrate the content?
  • Please provide any relevant details.


Content types and media

  • What are the content types you have defined?
  • Drupal's core media handling ends with "image" and "file" fields for nodes. How did you expand that to include video, audio, image galleries, etc?
  • How do you handle media storage and transfering? Do you use mirrors?
  • Do you have image galleries? How did you solve this?
  • How do you "tag" or "flag" the different content types (features, newswire, opentrash, closedtrash)?
  • How do you publish or unpublish nodes? (for closedtrash, for example).
  • Do you display a notice on the opentrash page? How is this achieved?


  • Which theme do you use?
  • Is it a custom made theme?
  • Is it publicly available? Where?

Patches and hacks

  • Have you patched and/or hacked any of the modules? Which?

Workflow, roles and permissions

  • Briefly describe the workflow on your site (for admins, common users, etc) and which roles you define to accomplish this.

Integration with other media

  • Do you have microblogging?
  • Do you use RSS or other kind of cross posting?
  • Do you have any different kind of publication?


  • Do you have mirrors? What is the setup you use?
  • Do you use http proxys or accelerators? Which?
  • How do you handle SSL in mirrors?


  • Do you use SSL? Do you pay for a SSL certificate?
  • Do you have data retention concerns? How do you handle them?
  • Do you take any secure measures in your host environment?
  • What about your backup and mirror hosts?

Others comments, suggestions etc

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