Mir Development - Priorities and implementation - discussion

Updating this page should be restricted to Mir coders, to the priorities they decided upon, the actual projects they work on, and their to-do-lists.

Requests, ideas or priorities by individuals should be posted on MirDevelopmentPriorities in order not to confuse what is requested and what is actual decided and worked one.

Please respect this for the sake of clarity in this documentation.
-- ClarA - 28 Aug 2005

clara: The problem with this argument is that many people are not going to invest the energy needed to become coders (or somewhere in between coders and administrators) unless they feel that the overall design/development/documentation/etc are consistent, and can evolve well, etc. This is a chicken-and-egg situation. There's no single person to blame - it's us together as a system. Sure, the more that someone does the coding, the more that s/he will understand the whole system from the coding point of view. But administrators and also the people somewhat overlapping between coder and admin also have useful points of view on what needs to be done. And there are also the users - local indymedia collectives and everyone who publishes, comments etc. -- BouD - 29 Aug 2005
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