Mir Features

release 1.1

so far I could not find a list of features in release 1.1 /clara

List of features included in Mir as of 24.12.2002

  • Static publishing: Mir produces static HTML files for easy mirroring and so that the site can be viewed without creating a high load on servers. No fancy caching mechanisms are necessary. The presentation and production are completely independent from each other.
  • Very configurable (see the config.properties file)
  • Written in Java using standard servlet API and popular tools like those from the Apache Jakarta project ( http://jakarta.apache.org)
  • Uses the Freemarker template engine to allow easy modification of site design without programming knowledge.
  • Structured Object oriented 4 layer design. Servlet modules, Entity/Database (the persistance layer), Media handlers (an abstraction layer for manipulating different media formats) and the Producer layer (for creating the static html pages). see doc/CODESTRUCTURE for more details.
  • The persistance layer uses the poolman package for caching Database connections.
  • Entity object caching is integrated into the persistance layer.
  • Meta-data/Database schema and classification based on the Dublic Core standard. Media folders, topics, features.
  • supports displaying the dynamic part of the site in multiple languages using the Java Locale/language bundle standard (.properties files). Bundles exist for spanish, english, dutch, quechua, turkish, german and aymara. The upcoming 1.1 version (in CVS) supports producing the static site in several languages.
  • Media abstraction layer to cleanly and easily handle/add different Media formats like mp3, realmedia, video, etc.. uses mime-types to map to the correct handler
  • Supports categorization into topics and media folders (eg. different folders for different events), features, breaking news, newswire, etc..
  • Production of xml RDF syndication. e.g for the indymedia global newswire.
  • Powerful and rich admin/editor interface with features like the ability to change the event date of an article, multiple ways to search.. help and much more.
  • Ability to edit some static site files such as CSS, html include files through a basic web based text editor.
  • Filtering of uploaded articles to remove unwanted HTML tags.
  • Can output articles into PDF (upcoming 1.1 version has better text wrapping support).
  • Search via HTdig index of static files. (upcoming 1.1 CVS version uses integrated Jakarta Lucene for indexing the static files.)
  • Automatic thumbnail generation using Java Advanced Imaging (JAI). (1.1 will probably use Jmagick)

-- ClarA - 21 Aug 2005
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