"The Mir space station finished its 15-year voyage Friday in a shower of fireballs, its wreckage streaking through the atmosphere and plunging into a watery grave in the South Pacific." (25.8.2001)

General Information on Mir

Mir is an Open-Source content managment system under the GNU GPL License; developed by the Mir-Developers-Group. It is based on java/tomcat Servlet-engine and postgresql database.

The Mir Developers guide gives an introduction into the general architecture etc of Mir sites.

Mailing lists, sites and chat

  • mir-coders: developers' list for the mir codebase, but not used much
  • mir-cvs: cvs updates are mailed to this list, to allow people to track the development of mir/indy-prodsystem.
  • imc-mir-admins: lists for users/admins and developers of Mir (closed archives)
  • chat at #mir
  • mir.indymedia.org - the mir coders' website - but rather unused at the moment

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