Mir now free software

  • As of 2 Aug 2005, it seems (on phillyimc) that mir can be run entirely using free software libraries, removing the non-free (e.g. JAI and Sun java) dependencies. Please add a comment here if you have been able to successfully install Mir entirely with free software libraries.
  • Mir was installed using Kaffe on the uk-imc dev server, but unfortunately it proved too slow for everyday use.

Previous discussion on non-free Java

Remarks and warning about individual scripts etc

  • TravenMirInstall: WARNING by BouD: "by default, this script seems to configure usage of the non-free packet JAI but, in principle, this should be easy to remove"
  • MiRInstallDebian: Warning by BriKs: "this uses the sun non-free java development kit, but it should work with kaffe (free)"

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