Currently, a lot of work on Mir is done by a couple of folks. Please join in on Mir development and help make a more sustainable network with fresh feature sets that are appealing to people! Help support imc software development by doing whatever you can!


Here are some needs that are currently being handled by a couple of people. These have varying skill levels. If you can help, please email the mir-coders or mir-admins mailing lists!

  • Developing templates! Lots of IMC's starting out with Mir need lots of help developing templates. This can be done by someone who just has knowledge of HTML, but its currently being done by coders who could be developing new features! There is a new set of mir-templates at It lacks the multilingual-features, but it is very simple and should be easy to work with for biginners.
  • Helping imc's get syndication set up with rss
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation!
  • System administration for mir servers

Feature Requests

Here are a few, please add more! Also, please add progress info here if there is any. Let's develop a way to prioritize these.

  • file upload progress
  • email posting, what format should be used?
  • user accounts for editable stories
  • creative commons license options
  • anything to create more community, i.e. user account blogs, friends, etc.
  • threaded commenting
  • user rights, users with different levels of access -> Proposal MirRbac
  • web statistics
  • tags for Folksonomy
    • allow readers to input tags
    • moderate tags
    • for objects like photos and videos
    • tag clouds, lists of tags, tag searches
    • including tags in rss feeds
  • support for more markup-styles (e.g. textile wiki-like markup)
  • WYSIWYG editor for open posting and admin pages:
  • more features for template development:
    • present articles like list of paragraphs, so you can put one image for paragraph.
    • way to split to long links: translate to so long links wan't break layout
    • way to display only first n characters of abstract, so you can put more detailed newswire on stratpage without risk of breaking layout
    • way to split long strings without spaces ex. WeryLongTextWithoutSpaceWithWillBreakYourNewswireLayout
    • way to determine if image is odd, even, third... on the list, so you can put ex 3 images in the row. Photorealtions would be displayed then as gallerys.
    • way to get first n elements from the list, and then get other elements, so you can display ex. 5 newest newswire post in special way (with image and abstract) and older as ordinary newswire list
  • way to mark language as "production language" so you can show many languages in "select language" field, but don't need bundles for all those languages
  • system for logging and displaying redaktor's actions (hide, edit, move article) for better security and trnasparency.
  • start to use outstanding bug reporting/ feature requesting tools on codecoop wink
  • an integrated event calendar - work has started - see UK Calendar plans
  • useful statistics in the admin area (articles per topic in the day/week/month/year, articles per language, ...)

Mir Documentation

Mir Communication

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