A Role Based Access Control System for Mir


The goal is to build a "Role Based Access Control System" for Mir. This would give the posibility to have different users with a different way of access. This site is just some first brainstorming what would be nice to have and what would be possible with such a system. Please add your thoughts, critism etc.


  • Possibility to choose between the common (actually) system and the MirRbac via config.properties
  • All roles should be fully configurable by the admins
  • All roles should be very flexible (not only base on common work)
  • Users are in groups and they have roles and they describe the action I can do
  • per default all is denied


  • Different working groups on one Mir can really seperate their work
  • You could give access to people i.e. only for a feature so they can work on "their" campagne
  • Possibility of subscribed posting so registered authors can (re)edit their articles, can do moderation work on comments of their Article. etc. -> more power to users

Contra's (and answers wink )

  • can lead to some more hierarchy in moderation work (isn't it that already?), but as it would be fully configurable it would depend on the configuration of the system

-- NeGu - 28 Jan 2006
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