All times EDT, because the east coast of the USA is the only place that matters.
nick213.130.162.248calyx.nl1, 2
stef69.90.134.29west coast3, out of mirror until after 11pm PST
shoji65.23.158.127?apache-proxy, not squid
jebba212.100.230.18.euon ahimsa1
jebba212.100.241.39.euon ahimsa2
lexi217.172.170.147denew sunday afternoon, 4
quinten/mtoups128.2.250.16pittsburghnew sunday afternoon
taggart198.49.126.80?new sunday evening, 5

1seemed to die sunday afternoon, but was really just hitting a hard limit on the amount of data transferred, which has now been removed
2was 2 A records before afternoon sunday
3sporatic "can't lookup" errors, should be solved 8/29 (21:47CDT)
4 (if over 70% remove!!!)

 main machine for nyc.imc:
If things get bad, we can get servers immediately from at $45 for 40gig a month, and
serverbench at $99 for 2terabytes a month.

-- BrianSzymanski - 30 Aug 2004
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