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Proposed Meeting: New IMC Tech Volunteers and Server/Hosting offers, 2004




imc-tech/sysadmin/other tech WGs, and YOU, new volunteer!

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meeting took place at 2000 GMT Jan 18 2004
Check for local time

Roll Call

Please note whether you plan to attend the meeting, and times that do or do not work (timezones would be helpful):

Name Will You Attend? Timezone? Proposed meeting time? Notes
  Yes Maybe No  
matt X     EST (GMT-5) Jan 18, 20:00 GMT this is a test...
pabs   X   AU WST (GMT+8)   eeek 4AM
intrigeri   X   CET (GMT+1)   any time should be ok for me
elfo X     CET (GMT+1)   as you want, cause i want
micah X     CST (GMT-7) Jan 18, 20:00 GMT works Lets get organized!
luis X     GMT-2 Jan 18, 20:00 GMT works any time between 15:00 and 23:00 GMT should work for me
occam X     CET (GMT+2) Jan 18, 20:00 GMT works  
Naton   X   GMT+1 Jan 18, 20:00 GMT works later works too
Mat X     GMT-3 Jan 18, 20:00 GMT ok
pietro X     BRST (GMT-2) Jan 18, 20:00 GMT works any time in a weekend is ok
ski X     EST (GMT-5) whenever unneccessary comment fields suck
earthman Yes Maybe   UTC (GMT) Where will this be finalized? Bb F
chrisc   X   GMT GMT between 19:00 and midnight is best for me notes
geneX X     CET (GMT+1) Jan 18, 20:00 GMT works not only in english !
john X     EST (GMT-5) jan 18 , 20GMT fine  
johnc x     EST (GMT -5) jan 18, 2000z okay 4pm in Buffalo-cool
toya X     GMT-2 jan 18, ok better if it was a little bit earlier
your name here...   X   TZ (GMT) meeting time/date notes

* No: Shayne. 4am is insane and I fear I will develop brain cancer if I contemplate it (written aprox 4am +8gmt.) -shayne


    • recruiting new wg members!
    • break-out groups afterwards?
  • server hosting offers:
    • mirroring/roundrobin DNS?
    • other load balancing/distribution efforts
    • hosting for new imcs
    • media hosting
  • getting involved in codebase development
  • other development projects to get involved in
  • how to donate
    • money
      • paypal
      • checks
      • etc...
    • hardware
    • time, etc...

some related URLs:

Heres some stuff thats probably usefull:

Hope to see you there smile

IRC Logs

As mentioned above, NewTechOrientationJan2004Log

There is a IRC bot set up that can be used to log to

-- MattToups - 06 Jan 2004
-- PietroFerrari - 06 Jan 2004
-- EarthmanWhyTheFsckCantThisHandleSingleNames - 14 Jan 2004
It can, you just need two capitals ... for example EarthMan

-- ShayneOneill - Yay for noodles.
-- JohnDudaAccount - 14 Jan 2004
-- JohnC - 15 Jan 2004

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