This page contains a list of open source Content Management Systems (CMS) codebases.
Indymedia specific codebases are detailed here.

  • Drupal - tool for community built web sites

  • Joomla - building on code from widely used Mambo cms makes full use of web interface for admin.

  • PhpNuke - has been used by several sites attempting to jump start the process.

  • PostNuke - a fork of phpnuke, with more co-operative development. Seems to be flourishing, and has many architectural advantages over phpnuke. See it in use at Mad Hatter's IMC

  • Xaraya - web application framework useful for creating community web sites and other functionality useful to IMCs

  • PhpSlash - What phpNuke forked from. However it's now template driven and using phplib's session management.

  • Squishdot a Zope product to create a community weblog, modeled after Slashdot

  • Zope is an application server as opposed to page server, it is slower than page server but they can be combined. Has more robust security model and easier to build web applications with.

  • Typo 3 Complete CMS, very extendible and customizable, runs in shared hosting environment, PHP codebase, configuration is time-consuming for people not used to its scripting language

  • OpenCMS Enterprise grade Java CMS, LGPL

  • TikiWiki PHP based CMS built around a wiki engine

Try out admin on some of above:


Tools of use:

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  • zope - which powers this wiki web, and is really neat.

and replaced as untrue as this Twiki is powered by cgi scripts. Zope has zwiki as it wiki.

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