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Open Source INT


Open News Aggreation and Managment. More Background is on occams blog

Workflow Process

Diagram with the Processing of a News Article

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  • User can add Input RSS Feeds
  • The First Workflow Steps should be done complety by the computer
  • The Output could be a World Map. You select a Region and it shows you a Timeline of the latest Events in this Region.

Global Newsjunkie Network

Diagram with More Ideas of Connecting the Work Process with current Communication Tools like VoIP (Asterisk) and IM (Jabber)

  • For Every Task and Event the Users can Setup a Workgroup
  • This Workgroup is Communicated on the Website and Provides some Communication Tools
    • Jabber Conference Room
    • VoIP Conference Room
  • Every User can be Part of a News Item (she/he has a direct connection, is living there, knows someone, has spoken with..)
  • Experts: People who know allot about a Topic can add themself and be a public contact person.
  • Diffrent Person connections to a Working Group / Event
    • Just Part of the Working Group / Helpers / Translators
    • Was there / knows something
    • Event Expert

Tech Implementation


  • Build a UML Model
  • Build the DB Layout
  • Setup DB Access Classes for php and python
  • ...


Check if any Transactions are needed. PSQL/MySQL

News Grabber

Keywork / Tag / Text Analyse

  • Python


  • PHP4/5 (ADODB)


  • Wildfire
  • Asterisk Modul


  • Asterisk
  • SIP
  • h323
  • Local Phone (Setup a Network of Asterisk Servers with Dial-Outs in the Selected Country, like Blasterisk)
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