Oscailt Content Macros

Editors can use special macros in the body of their stories.

There are two macros


The oscailt image allows you to insert properly resized images into your story content.

To insert an image like this just input OSCAILTIMAGE(path/to/image max_width max_height)

So for example the macro OSCAILTIMAGE(attachments/july2005/mypicture.jpg 0 300) would insert mypicture.jpg into your story with a maximum height of 300 pixels (if it is taller than that it will be resized)

Similarly, the macro OSCAILTIMAGE(attachments/july2005/mypicture.jpg 20 30) will insert the image mypicture.jpg into your story with a max width of 20 pixels and a max height of 30 pixels.

If you want to align your picture to the left or right you can add in a fourth parameter: OSCAILTIMAGE(attachments/july2005/mypicture.jpg 0 300 L) - will align it left OSCAILTIMAGE(attachments/july2005/mypicture.jpg 0 300 R) will align it right.


This is experimental and shoud only be used by people who really know what they are doing! It allows you to insert any object into your story content - for example a picture. It is very powerful but not tested enough to be reliable - handle with care!

-- ChekovFeeney - 19 Feb 2006
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