How to edit content

Oscailt allows you to quickly and easily edit your newswire. You can hide multiple articles, upgrade article to features, downgrade articles to comments and much more. This document describes the basic steps involved in editing a typical indymedia newswire.

Step 1. Log in

Go to admin.php and enter your user name and password.

Step 2. Ensure that you're editor mode is set correctly

Editors in oscailt can choose to operate in several different modes. You should find a drop-down list of editor modes available in the user preferences box. In order to edit content you need to select either:

  • edit content - allows you to edit content
  • edit all - allows you to edit content and page layouts

Select one of these modes and click the button beneath to begin editing content

Step 3. Ensure that you have sufficent permissions

Once you have set your editor mode correctly, go to a newswire, featurewire or article view. Above the headline of the article you should see a list of links - the possibilities are the following:

  • hide if you click this, the content will become invisible to users
  • unhide if you click this, the content will become visible to users
  • delete this will delete the content permanently from the site
  • edit this will bring you to a form where you can edit the article / comment.
  • clip this will copy the content to your editor's clipboard (see link)
  • upgrade if it is a comment, this will turn it into a story, if it is a story, this will turn it into a feature.
  • lock this only applies to stories - it will prevent users from adding any further comments.
  • stick this will make the story sticky for a length of time that you can choose (it will remain on the top of newswires and headline boxes until the sticky time ends (as long as they respect stickies).

If you do not see the link that you want, you might need to modify your roles in the role management page.

Step 4. carry out your action

You will be brought to a confirm screen where you will be invited to fill in your reason for carrying out this action. Depending on the configuration of notification messages, you may have the option of deciding whether or not to send this message (or it might be greyed out)

-- ChekovFeeney - 19 Feb 2006
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