Exported Feed

Version 1.0


Exported RSS/Atom Feeds which can be viewed on other sites


Below are the list of settings that the user can choose from for each configured data object of the Exported Feed module.

Configurable Settings
Number Configurable Variable Description Input Type Input Rules
1 Name The Name of this Exported Feed. - This will also appear as the HTML title on top of the browser and will appear as part of the page title in search engine listings - keep it short and meaningful! text Mandatory Field. Plain Text Only.
2 Description A short description of this Exported Feed. - This will be added into the HTML meta tag for the page in question and is important for search engines, so use several specifically descriptive words that match the content of the object. This will also appear on the management screens for this site. It is a good idea to give a brief description which will enable you to quickly identify which entries are which in lists of objects. textarea Mandatory Field. Plain Text Only.
3 Image An icon file associated with this Exported Feed. - This allows you to link to the Exported Feed with an image instead of a text string. Enter the name of a valid local file. text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
Exported Feed Basic Information
4 Type The type of feed to produce - RSS is a more popular format, but Atom is perhaps a superior standard with some greater capabilites radio Options: RSS, Atom
5 Version The version of feed type to produce - You can omit this field and the latest version will be chosen text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
6 Logo The location of the graphics file that will be the logo for this feed - Preferably an image with a 2:1 aspect ratio text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
7 Icon The location of the graphics file that will be the icon for this feed - A .ico file similar to favicon.ico used for websites text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
8 Title The title that will appear on top of the feed - If omitted a default title will be generated from the site name and filter categories text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
9 Description The description that will appear on top of the feed - If omitted the site description will be used text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
10 Licence The licence string that the feed content will be displayed as having - Defaults to an open content license text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
11 Length The number of entries to include in the feed select Numeric Option between: 10 and 200
12 Depth The default depth of this feed - Controls how much data is included in the feed entries radio Options: summary, content
13 Summary Length The max number of characters to show in feed entries if depth is summary and format is plain text select Numeric Option between: 50 and 5000
14 Format What way would you like the entries in the feed formatted? - Thumbnail Text is HTML, but rather than using the original content HTML, it converts to plain text and reformats as HTML with the addtion of a thumbnail of the first image attachment radio Options: Plain Text, ThumbnailText, HTML
File Centric Feed Settings
15 File Centric Return a feed whose entries represent attachment files rather than stories or coments - These settings allow feeds to delivered which centre around the media file content of your site utilising the enclosure functionality of Atom and RSS. They are useful for the many media centric technologies popping up such as podasting and videocasting checkbox On / Off
16 File Types Limits results to the set of filetypes specified if filecentric is enabled? - Use a comma separated list, eg for a podcast use mp3, mp4, aac text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
17 Parse Content Search contents of stories and comments for off-site links to present as attachments if filecentric is enabled, and filetypes are specified - This is useful if your site does normally host its own video or audio and posters frequently publish links to content hosted elsewhere checkbox On / Off
Feed Export Filter Settings
You can limit this feed to only export certain categories of content from your site
18 Category Filter A choice of multiple categories from the site multifilterselect A selection from the topic and region and type and language Tables
19 Specific Author? Enter the name of the specific author whose stories will be exported text Optional Field. Plain Text Only.
Access Control - Not Applicable
Exported Feeds can not be access controlled
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21     dummy  

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