Upgrading Oscailt

Since Oscailt 2.x and earlier versions used several static html pages and these vary widely from installation to installation, it is not generally possible to automate the upgrade entirely.

Oscailt 3.0 does not use any static html pages. All pages are managed through the object management system.

The easiest way to upgrade an existing oscailt installation is the following:

Configure your site in a temporary location

  1. Install Oscailt 3.0 into a temporary location. (for example a sub-directory of your current oscailt installation). You can use an empty database for this or a backup of your live site.
  2. Update this installation by editing pages, menus, style sheets etc through the oscailt object management interface as if you were building a new installation.
  3. Once you are happy with the site configuration, export it as a collection (go to the export page).
  4. When exporting you will be asked to give a name to the collection. This will create an entry in the xmldata/exports directory of your oscailt installation.

Install the new code.

  1. Now remove the version 2.0 code from your existing site. You need to delete the objects directory and all of the files in the root directory. Do not delete the attachments directory.
  2. Unzip the oscailt release file into your web directory (having removed the existing files).
  3. Edit the file config/dbconfig.php to set your username and password for the live database.
  4. Copy the exported collection from the temporary installation location to the xmldata/imports directory. You need to copy the file called yourexportname.index and the directory called yourexportname where yourexportname is the name that you gave to the collection exported in the first part.
  5. Run the install script. Oscailt should detect your existing version 2.x database installation and upgrade it. At stage 4 of the installation choose the starter collection that you exported.

That's it.

This worked for indymedia Ireland.

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