Why Use Oscailt?

There are hundreds of different Content Management Systems Available on the Internet. Some of them have thousands of developers and users involved.

There are at least a dozen indymedia software management systems available. Some of them much more mature than Oscailt.

So why would you think about using oscailt?

  • Performance Oscailt is built for performance and can consistently deliver high volumes of information on tight resources at fast speeds. Oscailt uses several layers of caching to acheive this.
  • Inherently multi-lingual Oscailt is based on a language-neutral meta-data layer. It seamlessly supports multi-lingual sites.
  • Flexibility - Oscailt puts no constraints on page layouts, page elements or anything else. You can acheive whatever look and whatever data organisation you want.
  • Extensibility - Oscailt has a modular design that allows you to easily add new functionality without risking overall system stability
  • Expandibility Oscailt is designed for evolving, dynamic websites that are managed by large groups of people. New areas can be easily added and delegated to sub-groups or individuals for management
  • Fine Grained Access Control Oscailt uses a role based access control system which allows different users to be granted fine grained access privileges in different sections of the site.
  • democracy Oscailt is optimised for democratic, non-hierarchical collaborative management with facilities to ensure accountability and transparency of all administrative actions.
  • privacy Oscailt neither relies upon, nor retains any identifying information about users.
  • open publishing Oscailt is optimised for sites that allow anonymous public contributions.

If you are a group of people who are democratically organised and desire to communicate with the public, oscailt could be a good option for you.

-- ChekovFeeney - 01 Sep 2005
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