It's quite easy to change a phpbb forum index into an RDF Site Summary. Here's how it's done for the Walks Action Group.

You need: a computer with bash or RC, wget, textutils and coreutils (probably nearly all GNU/Linux and *BSD systems), a phpbb system (definitely works with subSilver templates, probably others too).

The original file is and a version for bash is

Download it and change bbbase to point to the bit of the forum index URL before "viewforum.php" and set bbindex to the end of the URL (including viewforum). Edit the channel info about 30 lines down to reflect your site instead of the Walks Action Group. Then run the script and save the output to a file (maybe ./ >announce.rss).

Put the rss file in your web space and tell people where to find it. You can do this with a <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 1.0" href="announce.rss" /> tag in your web page's section.<br />

Check it with

Maybe you can set up the script to run automatically, if you feel brave.

-- MjR - 02 Jun 2005
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