Raw Irc Log: RNCServerMeeting1Log

Dada vs Static HTML on edna : RNCDadaLoadTest1 squid.conf for nyc.indymedia.org : SquidConfNYCIndy

Effects of a static front page cache: RNCLoadTest2


Sunday Aug 15th 9PM EDT #rnc, irc.indymedia.org
(but the nyc tech folks should speak up if this doesn't work for them)


0) introductions and agenda changes
1) optimizing nyc dada install
2) pushing nyc media to paranode?
3) mirror sites
   - indybay and nysindy maybe already have mirrors up?
   - indypgh willing to mirror
   - who else and how to publicize?
4) round robin squid caching
   - can it be done without crippling dada too much?
   - static front page
   - who can set up squid caches
5) dns issues with 4)
6) other possible neat things
   - p2p distribution of media
   - coordination of syndication between sites

-- JohnDudaAccount - 12 Aug 2004

short summary of meeting:

here is a very brief summary of the meeting.

agenda: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/RNCServerMeeting1

log: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/RNCServerMeeting1Log

config file: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/SquidConfNYCIndy

decisions taken:

spud will implement caching in nyc imc dada

mark and/or mtoups will test with huge my.cnf (aka my_huge.cnf) on noam mtoups will perform mysql 4 upgrade on noam using debs he has already created and tested elsewhere.

spud will implement paranode media mirroring for the nyc site.

dada now has the capability of separating admin/publish and server machines; this will be implemented for nyc.

mark has a squid.conf file. several site will using this, john has also edited some of nyc to make sure links work. also provided a proposed mod_rewrite.

stefani has updated the dns publish.nyc admin.nyc point to edna nyc and www.nyc point to (1) edna (2) two other squid servers at present.

debs for mysql 4 on woody:

mysql dependency, for debconf:

-- StefaniB - 16 Aug 2004

Links to load on edna, noam:



-- StefaniB - 16 Aug 2004
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