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hacks for SamizdatEngine

These are experimental hacks only! Do not install them unless you're sure you know what you're doing and you know how to reverse them. They will most likely get overwritten and lose their functionality when you update samizdat. They might even have unexpected behaviour like melting your hard drive.

You are most welcome to help integrate these into the samizdat main development branch in a way that is systematic and sustainable in the long term - please join in the discussion on the mailing list: http://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/samizdat-devel

It might be better to keep the savannah database updated with patches rather than this wiki page - for the moment, check both! https://savannah.nongnu.org/patch/?group=samizdat

DONE (seem to work), not yet integrated into cvs main development trunk

  • will be maintained/developed until integrated into cvs

import_feeds.rb version 0.4 (for importing RDF etc. feeds)



Sort of done: demonstration from user point-of-view

  • These hacks are low priority for integration into samizdat. They are unlikely to be maintained and are likely to be out-of-date relative to the latest cvs version of samizdat.

expand_aliases 0.2 ("alias" is probably not the right term)

message_graph.rb version 0.1.4

To Do List

More organised samizdat TODO list


mobile phone -> email -> samizdat interface

to do well before July 2007! (G8)

class PoliticalPrisoner < Message

A subset of the message class for organising appeals on political prisoners. The idea is that "non-techies" would probably not use this directly, they would publish default message formats, but then "web techies" could transform these checking things like origin/credibility of the info, sources, case background, which organisation(s) are supporting him/her, does s/he (or family representatives) wish his/her full name to become public, addresses of authorities with political responsibilities to whom to send appeals to.

Deprecated (kept here only for historical interest)

message: message_hide_patch 0.4 - included in samizdat as of snapshot 070218

quick and dirty but functional calendar

- e.g. using a focus and sorting by date?
    • DONE: see calendar-0.4 or later above
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