Standard Active

* developed by andy, maffew and the active crew *

ask questions at [ tech questions to ]

current stable version is 1.7.2

  1. 8pre checked into CVS -- object oriented code, cleaned up internals, finetuned database queries and XML definitions of articles and newswires coupled to XSLT presentation layer.

* Overview *

- Currently the most popular Code. Most sites on 'stallman' use this code.

- Written in PHP

- Uses PostgreSQL for database

- The center column publishing, called features.cgi, is writen as an add on in perl using MySQL. FeaturesCgi isn't implemendet on every city using StandardActive. FeaturesCgi support for multilanguage handling is not fully implemented yet.

- It does a lot, but some people feel that it is getting messy and difficult to follow. (Some newbies get frustrated tracing and fixing bugs in it. A number of projects have begun to rewrite active)

- Currently exhibiting some performance difficulties, but this may be due to load vs server power than code optimisation per se.

- No show-stopping bugs though except A/V uploading does not work for big files.

- People who know more about the subject, feel free to update this description.


* Requirements *


- PostgreSQL


- ImageMagick


Documentation at

An article on upgrading old versions to 1-7-1 is available at:

Another, older upgrade article is at:

-- PaulWise - 10 Dec 2002
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