Tech meeting of Saturday, 27 April, 20:00 UTC

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  • intros
  • announcements
  • additional agenda items
  • remote tech coordination during actions
  • round-robin dns w/reverse squid
  • temporary audio/video stream mirrors
  • squid servers coordination
  • docs.indy naming scheme suggestions
  • stallman and disk space
  • Ruckus Tech Camp - if anybody has news/updates on the IMC contributions/expectations for this I'd like to know
  • remote sql accounts for syndication arc

present: tav, akb, Arc, deanna, epsas, GMD (faciliation), jb, matze, NetSkier, shoji, toni (summary), xmux, Zapata

squid coordination

epsas raised issue of need for private email list for squid coordination since people who are lending banwith temporarily ofteb prefer privacy. in general, these are plans for traffic surge or extreme situations, so there are more arguments for privacy. we agree to setup a wiki page for it and collect details about server and part experiences (like genoa) on this.

docs.indy naming scheme

toni reported on this. work on docs.indy is done on imc-tech-coord list for now. proposals are at and at as soon as possible, all pages from current wikis (MoinMoin + will be moved to docs.indy. idea is that docs.indy grows into an Indymedia Documentation Project. that's the vision behind it.

stallman HD space

jb's idea to use mod_rewrite to force all images to be served from loudeye considered as a good one. however, as more servers are becoming available to serve rich media content (images/audio/video) smarter management will be needed. multiplacer is addressing this issue, but it's in the beta stage currently, and work on it goes slower than anticipated by toni.

ruckus tech camp

nothing discussed


arc raised points that another way of geting features to the global site is needed, apart from RSS. he asks for an open to port to access the DB directly (INSERTS). long debate followed, opposition to W3C was mentined by arc too. read the log for complete picture on this.

the nature of the global tech group

many interesting points were raised re: opaque/transparent nature of global tech group. tech decentralisation is happening, facts speak for itself.

-- ChristopherMitchell - 06 Jun 2002
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