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IRC Meeting for the TranslationTool


Wednesday, 27th of August, 8 pm Berlin time (GMT+2)

server: channel: #translationtool

was announced on and amny other lists see:


  • collaboration with imc italy, imc uk, ...

  • mailing lists (www-de, translation)

  • irc channel #TranslationTool

  • finance of Zope account at (5-10 Euro/month)

  • what else?


Text in brackets [] are comments from the linksrhein

  • Next meeting 8th of Sept. channel #translationtool 18:00 GMT / 20:00 Berlin time
  • Few people came at all, some were late, some didn't pay attention, were away and came back -> it was extremely diffcult to talk. There was 2 times a proposal to stop the meeting
  • Main reasons for so few ppl coming was probably: the invitation came late (just one day before) and maybe could be written better the next time
  • Alsterwasserman and linksrhein will write another outreach mail with
    • a short description on how the tool works, that we want to get it international, that it's a great possibility to cooperate
    • that a little response would be great and if anybody is interested in an irc chat, so that we could all plan it in advance
    • put the topics into the mail and not as a link, so that they can see, what it's all about!
    • pointing out, that its a possibility to SPREAD news all over the world. there could be so many different nationalities working on the tool. something happens in india, one posts it on the tool, someone picks it up, anybody else sends it to imcs in usa maybe.
  • Proposal: every imc could make a syndicate space with a mysql table, or a perl script that would tell translation system to send its articles about a topic in its language, using rdf/rss feeds [The translation tool already supports different rss/rdf-feeds: other language or topic-specific feeds could be added]
  • There was the idea of switching to another codebase (eg. sf-active, mir) since there would be more indy-developers able to help in programming work (php, mysql) st3 thinks also, the admin interface could then be more powerful. Alsterwasserman and st3 could do this migration, blicero could also support
    • Zapata: by doing a codebase switch now, before you really know yourself what kind of system you need and how to get it, seems to me to be helping neither the short term goal, nor the long term goal...
    • Zapata / Alsterwasserman / ab said that before switching the codebase we should discuss clearly what we need for our translation work (the idea behind the system, scope, for which users it is designed, what scope it shall have) st3 agrees, [linksrhein agrees]
  • There was a proposal to link the translation tool with wiki, with wiki being more felxible e.g. if ppl work on one article together (with some controversal dicussion)
    • Ppl who work on one article can already cooperate through comments-postings
  • For a translations indymedia we would need a bit more flexible content management system
    • you might need a multiple language search function? [the translation tool has a multiple language search function]
    • For a user perspective it might be good to limit publishing to registered users only e.g. [user accounting with different user roles is already in use; self registration would have to be added]
  • There is need for interoperability with other indymedia cms through rss/rdf [mir / sf-active and the translation tool support rss/rdf syndication] It might be interesting to import translation-rss-feeds to the newswire of existing indymedia systems. Zapata: Some of the mircoders have been thinking about making such a thing... and coordinating it with coders from other codebases...but this will be quite complicated... and it will take plenty of time...
  • There is also another system with translation support features in use:
  • The current Translation Tool should cover the upcoming cancun/ noborder events. The dsei - event will probably make use of baks dispatch system again


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