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Saturday, 25 th of September 2004, on 18 GMT

(you can check the time for your time zone on

IRC Server channel: #translationtool


was announced on and other lists

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ReportC - 04 Sep 2004

[ reply from Ben re questions about proposal for video subtitling subsection on TT. there seemed to be confussion about the subtitle files and downloads. Subtitle files in this context are simply text files that include timecodes for each line of text so that they can sync with a film. There are different formats used for subtitling, mostly plain text but also XMP or HTML type formats. They all contain the text in human readable form but differ in format and the way the time code or frame numbers are stored. THese files could be cut and pasted by the user then saved as a text document, or simply downloaded (best option). The best way to get any idea of how this works is to check out our pilot site on - Ben 27th Sept]
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