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Development of the TranslationTool


The user interface (links, titles, headers, help-texts, labels of buttons, etc.) of the TranslationTool presents itself in the language of your browser language setting. (See for how to set your browser language below.) The default language is english.

All phrases of the user interface are prepared for the translation to other languages. This is done online using a Zope-Product called Localizer

How to set your browser language

Mozilla, Netscape 6/7 and Communicator 4.x:

  • Use Edit | Preferences | Navigator | Languages | Add button

Internet Explorer 4/5/6:

  • Use Tools | Internet Options... | General | Languages... | Add button

Opera 5/6:

  • Use File | Preferences | Start and exit | Languages | Web pages | Add button

for other brwosers see:

How you can help translating the user interface

You can support us by translating the missing text-elements of the graphical user interface of this TranslationTool to different languages or by revision of the already existing ones. We have started with english, german, spanish; the next lanuages will probably be french and italian. contact:

The two language management screens

Adding a new language to the user interface

Screenshot of the interface for adding new languages


Adding phrases in different languages to the user interface

(taken from the Localizer help-system)

This screen lets to manage the message catalog, it lets to remove messages and to edit the translations.

The screen is divided in two parts, the working area at the left and the navigation system at the right. (see image)


The working area

It is divided in two parts, at the top there is a non editable text area that contains the message to be translated.

At the bottom there's an editable text area wich lets to change the translation. Above this text area there is a menu which lets to change the language that is being edited.

Finally, there are two buttons, one saves the translation and the other removes the current message.

Navigation system

It lets to browse the messages and is divided in two parts.

At the top there is a search form that lets to show only a subset of the messages, following two criterias. The first one is wether to show all the messages or only those that have an empty translation. The second criteria if used will only show the messages that match the specified string.

Below the search form there is a list with all the found messages, which can be used to change the message that is being edited.

Web Design

  • Customizing squishdot

  • Layout of the startpage (tables)

  • usage of Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Including rss/rdf feeds from other sites


  • Adding new Zope-products

  • Dtml-code, python code
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