Installation of the TranslationTool

Where to download and how to install the Translation Tool

Stage 1

First you need a Zope Server. This is
  • a computer, which is connected to the internet and
  • a web application server - called Zope - running on it.

[download] [Installation Instructions] [Installing and Starting Zope]

Zope is an all-in-one product. It comes along with a native webserver and a native object-oriented database. (But it is also possible to use other webservers like apache or database management systems instead). If you use the Zope default configuration, the installation should be quite easy. On this site, Zope 2.6.1, the current stable release is running.

If you have access to a Zope Server you can proceed to Stage 2

Stage 2

Install three additional Zope-products (or ask your administrator to do this for you). Most commercial (and/or Free) Hosts for Zope won't have these products installed by default and some won't do so even if you ask them.

  • Squishdot V. 1.5.0 [download] [Installation Instructions]
    • untar Squishdot-package to the Products directory
    • restart Zope

  • Localizer V. 1.0.1 [download] [Installation Instructions]

    • untar the Localizer-package to the Products directory
    • restart Zope
  • RDFSummary 2.3[download]
    • untar the RDFSummary-package to the Products directory
    • restart Zope
  • RamCache Manager (to cache RSS-Feeds)
    • is part of up to date distributions of Zope

Your Zope administrator will probably want to do the restart by his own. He will see if everything went well and if the new products are available at the Zope Products page. You should now be able to create a squishdot site and localize them, in the area where yozu have access to, but before you do this, go to

Stage 3

Get a copy of the Translation Tool from me (linksrhein at nadir dOt org). It must be imported to your Zope site as a *.zexp file. For this purpose it has to be placed in a special import-directory on the Zope Server. Again your Zope administrator will know how.

see also [Importing and Exporting Objects] at the Zope Book

Stage 4

Make your own customizing: Change the layout of the Translation Tool, select the necessary languages (or add your own translations of the user interface), create RDFFeeds of your choice, integrate RDFFeeds from third parties and give different users, with different roles, different passwords.

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